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Just One of Those Days by Richard Penny

Just One of Those Days is a gorgeous new picture book written by ABC’s own Richard Penny and illustrated by the very talented Harmke Wijbenga. Though it’s written for 4-9 year olds, it’ll appeal to any child (or adult) with a love for imaginative images. The book tells the story of a father’s day out with his daughter. Though everything they decide to do seems to lead to one disappointment after another – a pony-ride gets rained out, the other...

Unusable Synonyms

I just came across a great article about unusable synonyms and the dark, damp and forgotten portions of the English language. Ever wonder why no one uses 'pulchritude,' 'niggardly,' 'incarnadine,' or 'puissant' anymore? This article has a go at explaining why. Thought it might bring a smile to the face of anyone who's ever grappled with a thesaurus (I can't be the only one of us) :