The Anatomy of a Death

Full chapters fo this book. Tracing the events that led to the death of a young Indian woman at Victoria Station

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The Anatomy of a Death - Chapter 1: The Call

A young Indian woman dies at London’s Victoria Station. This story traces her death, the events which shaped and coloured her eventually leading her to that platform on that day. It tries to answer the questions: Who was she? Was she pushed? If yes, then by whom? Or did she commit suicide, and if so then why? Along the way it explores and questions the attitudes to women across the different levels of Punjabi society, and the pressure women, and men as well, are subjected to to conform to culture and tradition.

The Anatomy of a Death - Chapter 2: The Waiting Room

Chapter 2 of the story: The police have called Bonny and she is on the way to Victoria Station to meet her sister.

The Anatomy of a Death - Chapter 4: The Taxi Ride

Following the death of their sister, Bonny and Tuwi are in taxi heading home......