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(This Life) Part 6: The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

Unique lives and friendships - each to be appreciated
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(This Life) Part 7: Resilience

The sudden storm shatters the fencing, Howling leaves the garden ravaged, The revenant Mimosa uprooted - Pixels, re-formed from frosted roots, Fed...

(This Life) Part 5: Fox binned

Garden out of bounds – builders’ mess spreading fast this past week - we turn left into Katherine’s rutted lane, dogs scenting, pulling, me...


42 of my comments have received 45 Great Feedback votes

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Flows so well, and the rhymes

Posted on Mon, 01 Nov 2021

Flows so well, and the rhymes add to the swelling message, which resonates with me as there is a development, down the road from me, in the last throes of the planning cycle, that will be built on a flood plain and is a black skies site. Local...

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Posted in A Northern Song

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This is such a rich and dense

Posted on Sun, 08 Aug 2021

This is such a rich and dense poem which evokes the man himself. This is one to savour again and again and allow the words to wash over. You should record this and it would be great to hear the cadence of you in this poem.

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Posted in Fleeting Observations Of A Poet

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Very clever interpretation.

Posted on Wed, 07 Apr 2021

Very clever interpretation. This got me thinking - which is never a good thing - about beginnings and endings; the art is to begin something and have the ending in mind, and to build towards that with an open mind and heart and with respect. But...

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Posted in Humpty Dumpty

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Thank you, Lena. This is

Posted on Mon, 03 Jan 2022

Thank you, Lena. This is about Rwanda and the Ntarama Church which was supposed to be a sanctuary, but proved no match for the mob. 

There seems to be growing trend with butchers these days to dress their windows with their "goods" and...

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Posted in (This Life) Part 3: The Butcher’s Wi(n)dow

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wonderful blend of old and

Posted on Wed, 27 Oct 2021

wonderful blend of old and new to create an original. 

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Posted in Wintered Thin

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wonderful imagery

Posted on Wed, 06 Oct 2021

wonderful imagery complimented by the subtle verse, highlighting your skills as a poet.

This morning I was on the village common and looking up at the sky was reminded that there is a blue beyind the grey, lightning streaks breaking...

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Posted in October robin

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The joy of paganism, the

Posted on Tue, 19 Oct 2021

The joy of paganism, the relighting of fires and looking forward to the next harvest with hope refilled. Great poem, Paul, well deserving of all the accolades. 

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Posted in Samhain and Beyond

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The contrast between the

Posted on Tue, 24 Aug 2021

The contrast between the plastic, the throwaway consumer society and the grim realities of life, pushed into the backs of our minds by the gaudiness of the Fair, is portrayed with subtle power and heightened by the last lines which create a...

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Posted in jormungandr

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Vividly desctribed. This

Posted on Mon, 09 Aug 2021

Vividly desctribed. This captures the progress of rain perfectly, and reminds me of the other morning when I took the dogs for a walk, and we had gone no more than 50 metres when we heard the sheeted feet of a rain storm accelerating up the road...

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Posted in suddenly

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beautifully measured from the

Posted on Fri, 06 Aug 2021

beautifully measured from the opening lines to the stunning finish.

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Posted in White Sailors