Midnight howls and we wake aroused, Rain hard on the panes, beat rising, Stepping into step with our heat, Strengthened through the day past burning...

Hiroshima, Mon Amour

My eyes watch the buildings block you, Your scent dissolving, drowned in fumes. Your steps fade, the traffic hisses Higher: the cold freezes your...


10 to 9 You left Waterloo at 5 past 8 Must be coming into the station Walking to the car Checking messages 6 minutes max If I could have you now 5 My...

The Gigolo's Lament

A passing tilt at T.S.

The Face of God - Part 1

i. I look down upon the gathered crowd. Know each singular history. They stare up at me unknowing Of my yet unwritten story, But in the ending...

The Face of God - Part 2

ii. He’s lit by the light of seven burnt out candles Lined up before a splintered mirror, Face split across four shards, a blade in another...

Ripples from the past

Someone threw a stone in a pond a long way away, and the ripples converged in a sushi bar on Tottenham Court Road.

the art of loving through frosted glass

6:28- I’m stationed in the courtyard. punctual, 2 minutes later, she appears framed in the bathroom window, undraped, her lines from breast to hip...


Part of the passion series

Lilies: Love's Opening

Standing in front of the florist’s, “I want flowers,” she said, “Lilies. These’ll open in Ireland; only Ones that will; like those inked glories Olga...

Daydreaming on Guildford High Street

A poem about love and how easy it is to think about those that we love and lust after