The Chronicles of Bob

A three part story featuring my favorite charecter Bob, a man who pretends to be insane to have a vacation in an institute.


Cool. This is great. Is he really crazy???! He sounds a little crazy. lol. I will read the next part now. Have a read of mine if you get the chance. Rachiesmif.

hiya, I just noticed a comment that's almost a year old you gave me on my bob series. just want to stop and say thanks my friend. god bless. mike.

Give me the beat boys and free my soul! I wanna getta lost in ya rock n' roll and drift away. Drift away...

Read the second part now. Will there be more? I'll wait for it. Rachiesmif x

The Chronicles of Bob

I am Bob. I am Bob. My name is Bob. Although yesterday it was Harvey, and tomorrow it will be Randall, for now my name is Bob.