The Galaxy

...an ocean of stars stretching across the vastness of space, home to great civilizations built on the twin pillars of magic and science.

The Great War

...a titanic conflict that raged across the stars and devoured worlds whole as untold legions of dragons battled for supremacy.

The Ancient Pact

...a truce forged of hope and desperation, giving birth to an empire ruled in a line of succession by the most powerful elders of the dragon clans.

The New Emperor

...the great red wyrm assumes the Golden Throne after five millennia of peace.

The Future

...a dark and unknown horizon, as unrest grows on a million worlds and countless races suffer under the tyrannical rule of the new emperor

Trace never wanted to be a thief, he dreamt of joining the Imperial Fleet, becoming a fighter pilot and travelling to the outer worlds battling space pirates and and enemies of the Empire, but the guildmaster of the Jurrika City Thieves Guild had other ideas, ripping away his family and forcing the young boy into a life of crime. A chance meeting with a half-dragon from other side of the empire's social spectrum would change his life forwever, giving Trace the chance to be something better than just a common street thief, a hero.

The main protagonist characters are:

Trace Ellison - A 15-year-old (he thinks) half-elf street thief suddenly about to be in over his head.
Lord Korodo - A half-red dragon noble of House Mazorgrim who is deeply unhappy with the current regime.
Bolts - A former gnome mechanic who died and was turned into a soulmech. Now works as an engineer on Korodo's yacht.
Barak - An orc and former Imperial Legionnaire. Acts in a "Public Relations" role for Korodo.
Tsukiko - A female human medic and latent psionic talent who also works for Korodo.

Dragonstar is a d20 campaign setting by Fantasy Flight Games and is one of my favourite settings. The characters and story are mine but the setting is theirs.


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Pyromaniac on the loose!

Dragonstar - Part 1

Trace was picked up off the floor of the guildmaster’s office by one of the guild's enforcers, an orc, and shoved roughly back on to the wooden chair.

Dragonstar - Part 2

Yawning, Lord Korodo chewed on his breakfast as he watched the news. Death, destruction and mayhem in the Outlands.

Dragonstar - Part 3

Swallowing his pride, Trace got up into a crouch and ran across the gap between the two jumpers, blaster bolts striking the concrete floor behind him.

Dragonstar - Part 4

After dumping Korodo in the alleyway, it took Trace nearly ten minutes to skirt around the city core; the flight from the noble’s penthouse had left him on the opposite side of the city from the gui

Dragonstar - Part 5

Caldrin stood at the window, looking out over the cityscape. Dawn sunlight was streaming in from the horizon, bathing the city in a golden-orange glow.

Dragonstar - Part 6

Bolts glanced around the room, analysing everything he saw. They were in the forward lounge, sitting on the floor with their hands cuffed behind their backs.

Dragonstar - Part 7

Korodo has left safety of his ship in the hands of a 15-year-old kid who's never flown a ship before in his life.

Dragonstar - Part 8

For the second time in less than a day, Trace awoke in the ship’s medbay.