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help with story

Hiya I've probably got this in the wrong forum but... I've recently planned out a detailed story, with details of what is going into each chapter. However, I can't convert it into a real story. Anyone that would like to try and help me. And i'll send you a copy of the detailed plan. Of course constructive critism will be welcome. Just contact me..
Thank you

what's a 'real' story?


Strange request! You mean you've done chapter headings'n'stuff and you don't know how to fill in the blanks? It seems like you virtually want someone to write the story for you! I truly don't mean to be facetious, but have you tried going on a writing course, reading a book about writing or somesuch? :-) * P * :-)
I've written out exactly what will happen in each chapter, yet dispite my best attempts can't convert it into chapters instead of just plans. Does that make sense? Luv hiddenspace xx
I've just re-read my above post, & feel it may have come across somewhat sarcastic - not meant! I've not personally been on a course, but I've read some books on writing (fiction), which have had some genuinely useful advice on plotting, character development, technical stuff, etc... trying to remember the last one I read... I'll come back 2U on that! Re your specific problem, just a thought... maybe you have over-planned it? Personally, if I have too much of a "then he does this, then she does that"... etc... it tends to take away the spontaneity & therefore the 'creative flow' - if I, the author, know too much about what is going to happen, then I can't surprise myself & therefore get bored of my own story very quickly! :-) * P * :-)
Come on Hiddenspace you can write this story - your just scared it won't be good enough to live up to what is in your head. Use your plans as a set of notes then just transport yourself there; in the action, the moment, and just write - let it all come out in a big heap. Stick each chapter up on here (personal choice, but that is what i have done) First Draft! good luck Juliet


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