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Attempting a longer story...

I have been playing around over the last few months with a Novel I have been writing. I go through phases where I'm not inspired and don’t want to ruin it. I also find that I have different writing styles and I want my novel to obviously flow. To help me understand how I write and to help give me motivation and new and interesting twists to write into my story, I have continued to write lots of short stories, some of which I hope will slot into my novel.

I’m curious if anyone else uses this method of writing, and how successful it is. Or whether simply knuckling down and ploughing through with a continuous story is something more effective, and perhaps something I should try?

I would love to get some views on this, and any tips, or advice would be gratefully received!



I work like that too (I use the word 'work' loosely). I think the thing is to just get the stuff written and worry about fitting it all together later. Same with getting a consistent 'voice'. Wait till you have enough bits and pieces then keep going over it until it reads smoothly. The hardest part for me is the plot.
Yes, I assume you mean keeping the plot interesting! I also worry about that, which is why I tend to put the work to one side for a bit. Also when I read 'women’s novels' I find that often they are written in the first hand... 'I felt, I saw, I didn’t like' etc, but some novels are obviously written as a viewer i.e. Jennifer felt, John saw, Fred didn’t like'. Is there a certain type of story to write in a certain hand, as a rule of thumb, or would most say it is entirely the writer’s preference? I also think in words, i.e. I could be walking down the street and describe what I’m seeing as though I was reading a story. This brings out some great writing except I never seem to get it on paper as well as when I first thought it. Unless I can somehow perfect the art of writing whilst walking! LOL. Em.
I read somewhere there are only about five basic plots. I know a story is needed to keep readers interested but whatever I come up with seems hackneyed. Same problem with narrator. I'm always aware of an author somewhere trying to be omniscient. I almost prefer non-linear fiction to something contrived. Mitchell's 'Cloud atlas' is a good example of what I'm after. A series of vignettes that somehow fit together. Walking is great for ideas....always have a notebook.
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