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Thank you for reading, is there any way to get feedback regarding my work? The main reason I am posting my poems is because I am unsure of thier quality, my friends and family believe I have a strong talent for putting how I feel and what I see down on paper.

But I need some more professional feedback to know if this is something I really am any good at or not. I never made it to the end of school so my comand of the English language is weak for a writer.

Thanks for any feedback, you can find my work under hiddendragon.


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I'd like to add to that, if anyone wants to criticise my work just send any criticism to I really hate begging people like this, but the thing is, once your work has gone out of the last 10 to be entered, no one ever reads it and you have to keep submitting new work so people will read that and then read your other work! If you comment on my stuff, I will gladly comment on yours!
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this has been debated extensively (and it still goes on) in the discuss writing forum. it is very hard to obtain feedback especially when you ask for it. I don't mean to sound offensive but, when you say 'I'll read yours if you read mine' it sounds to me that, if you get a good review you will look favourably on whoever said that and visa versa. I find the best way to decide on the worth of your own work is to read, read and read the work of others, not only on this site but elsewhere on the web and in print. To be a writer, I think, you have to have a certain arrogance, a belief in your own work but, having said that, I fall at that first hurdle because I look around and see what else has been written and know I cannot hope to write as well as that. Only yesterday I read a poem in the last ten and realised that, although 'some' of my work may be as good as 'some' of that particular poets, I could never write a piece like that in my life. or could I? perhaps by reading that poet's piece over and over and trying to see what it is that I 'liked' about it I could try to learn from it and improve my own writing. Equally I see stuff that is not - IMHO - as good as what I can write so I know roughly where my work falls between the various stalls. I am trying to ignore the subjective matter of 'one man's meat is another's ...... ' here and look at writing generally. Recently I have been reading books on how to write - something I had previously poo-poohed - and I now think about HOW I write rather than just the content. I have lately experimented with different styles ... I have yet to find my 'voice' ... and will continue in this manner. I might just crack it by the time I retire. The other thing to bear in mind is that you should learn how to criticise. I joined a writers group last year and learned more than I imagined simply from learning how to analyse a story rather than just say 'blimey that was good.' - although I am currently on 'time-out' because I feel my own current output is not suitable for undergoing a week of crits (it is fairly instant stuff) and I tired of doing crits after several months. So, perhaps if you were to comment on the work of others first you might be pleasantly surprised in return.... don't choose me though ... I already said I am critted out! The same applies to Hiddendragon. Like you I had plenty of relatives say my stuff was OK. I have since looked around a bit and now know the answer. I think we can all make judgements on our own work by reading that of others without begging for some-one to tell us we are really good/bad. You see, giving a crit is a dangerous thing especially to the new writer. If I say to you two above 'wow! fantastic' you might rush off to faberandfable and end up so disappointed you will never recover ... if I say 'well, two of the lines you used were good but the other 45 leave a lot to be desired' you might react the wrong way. You might become angry and take it out on me personally. you might say I don't appreciate how good you are. probably you will keep on asking for crits until you receive the one you seek. i.e. the one from some-one else who is also looking for praise. Others might jump in here and say that crits should be constructive. of course they should but at the same time you must be realistic. there are an awful lot of writers on this site who only look at their own work. Start reading people and help yourselves before you ask for the help of others. - that was general and not a 'pop' at those in this thread. *slinks back to anon postings with silly names*
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