Please can you sign up?

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Please can you sign up?

Dear all abc taler's.
Will you help me by signing up to the "Great British Property Scandal"

Quote "...There are an estimated 350,000 long-term empty homes in the UK, but in many cases the local council doesn’t have any record of them.
You can help by reporting the location of an empty home below and we will draw it to your local council’s attention..."

The programme featured recently on Channel 4
Lots of issues surrounding rough sleepers, homelessness etc.

Just go to the Channel 4 web site for further information and sign up.
Thanks Brian

I'll do that Scozen.


Scratch, you're a star, number two to sign up. Pass the word around Thanks.
Thank you STM. The first one to sign up, cheers! Others to follow I hope? Kind regards.
Dear all. I do hope you pick up on this "Great British Property Scandal" Forum thread. I note the abc site has some 16592 user's. Just think how many homeless people could be housed with the weight of 16592 bodies behind them. Regards. Brian.
just signed up nowx
Thanks w81 you're a gem.
Thanks for a responce to the post blighters. The subject is complex and money is an issue thats always thrown up. I'm glad you like the idea, but as you say "a bit naive" perhaps, but have a look at the Channel 4 programme. It can work. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for your comments
Sad but ultimately true.


Will sign up


Thank you for that lavadis. ps just read your post " Highlights " Puts a lot of things into perspective.
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