Too Many Books!

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Too Many Books!

I want to read the rest of George RR Martin's Song of Fire and Ice series, Koontz's Frankenstein series, the 50 Shades's, as well as the new Baxter/Pratchett collaboration... and probably a few others I haven't thought of yet.

Too many books!

I know exactly how you feel. I have a shelf full of books I am yet to read, but somehow I manage to keep buying more. Cursed 2nd hand bookshops are just too wonderfully cheap and impossible to walk past. I'm currently reading Stevenson's 'Treasure Island' - a novel I never thought of reading until recently, and I'm very much enjoying it! Still, I look at that bookshelf of unread books and promise myself I will buy no more until I've finished them all! (never gonna happen)
A friend of mine has just finished the George RR Martin series up to it's current point, and will not stop talking about it. I've taken to winding him up about it, diparaging his taste in fantasy fiction. Although this has given me great joy and I have been called an arrogant b*stard plenty of times now while I laugh madly, the books have really affected him, so by association, I say read those first!
No such thing as too many books. If I never bought another one, I would have enough to last me until I am at least 110. But that doesn't stop me. And working in a charity shop doesn't help. 3 books for £1. And that's before staff discount! You wouldn't believe the gems I've found....


Now and again it is good to have a reading clear-out. One time ago I had a handful of unfinished books due to falling to the temptation of, "Oh, that looks up my street!" So one day I decided to finish those books. One at a time. Of course I have now reverted back to having several books on the go. Nearing to the end of Michael Palin's 'Halfway To Hollywood' but I'm starting to feel awkward as his sister's suicide is imminent. I saw a copy of 'Just Six Numbers' in Oxfam and thought, "No I have enough books'. Silly sod. My birthday soon and what I want now is more shelves and bookends (carved in the shape of an old woodpecker).


Thankfully my "Shelf-ful of books" is only a mental one. My mental list is ever-expanding though! Re GRR Martin, I don't normally go for "epic fantasy," but having seen ads for the TV series (not the series itself, as I don't have the right channel), I thought, on a whim, I'd give them a go... so far one of the best stories (fantasy or otherwise) I've read! The "fantasy" element is secondary to the politics, personal relationships, etc, which I think is much of the reason for its mass appeal. pe ps oid "the progenitor" "the art of tea" "that's an odd courgette"
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