way too many book ideas so little time

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way too many book ideas so little time

I wanted t write a drama sice of life called "The music within" but chose not to, steals it if you want just give me due credit if you publish lolStars Nick Andrews as a lawyer on the verge of financial bankruptcy. His wife leaving him for his best friend and eventually taking the last f his money. The guy just wonders the street till he finds a blind man playing the guitar and as a fellow homeless man, shares his experiences. The blind man teaches him to hear his surroundings and not rely on everything you see. The man helps the old blind man perform and receives a small enough cut to eat. Till one day the old man disappears and he is forced to stay at a homeless shelter, swallowing his pride and shame. Due to insufficient funds the shelters and soup kitchens close and he is forced to roam the streets again, and then out of nowherefindsthe old man. He gives the man a violin and takes him under abridge in apark, where the echos resonate in a beautiful melody. Eventually the old man reveals that he received classical training as a child but lost his sight in a war, andstruggled t find the good in life. Teaches the man hw to play the violin, until the old man dies in his sleep. After the old man's corpse is taken away he begins to play the saddest melody from his heart. He becomes famous in time, as people stop by to hear him play as a tourist attraction. He then leaves the park and with enough money to rent an apartment. Fixes himself up and auditions for a spot in an orchestra willing to pay him. In the interview he arrives late and gets rejected. Ashe sullenly walks to his apartment he is run over and criplled from the waist down. At the hosital the nurses give him a violin that he left in the accident. As he was about to smash it, he remembered what the old man said and instead keeps playing.until he gets the courage to use the wheelchair and roams the hspital playing for people until he's discharged. Once he leaves the man takes a trip to the old bridge and plays one last time as an homage. Until a group of students join him and tells him that they knowwhere he can find the man who can give him a second chance at the orchestra. But as lifeoften goes, is not good enough and gets rejected once more. Pondering suicide, the principal of an school offers him a job as a music teacher. Then he spends many years teaching kids just like the old man had taught him. He spends the rest of hislife teaching and eventually finds agood woman, and settles down. Never to be more thana simple man, he accepts this and focuseson teaching kids and mentoring students with an interest in the law. Years later he is recognized as a great person in his community and is given an award. His students play a concert at the ed of the ceremony. At the end, he lives a full life with his children, who went to play in Carnegie hall, and is taken by them to see them play until he realizes they arranged fpr him to play. On his deathbed later, his sons continue to spread music and classical appreciation with modern methods. He is given a burrial and the entire community weeps as he is laid to rest. The end.

Miguel, do you or anyone you know play an instrument? This would work well as a ballad.

I dont but I have numerous friends that do, its why I chose not to write it. Don't know much about playing instruments.

maybe a haiku?


I'm more of an action fiction writer... it just popped into my head but I felt unqualified to write it