Thank God for Suzanne Moore

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Thank God for Suzanne Moore

This is a fabulous article about the current state of feminism in the UK. 

Spare me the selfie school of feminism: women always give ...

Suzanne Moore, well done! You are using the 'f'' word, feminism and some of what you say is positive. 'The personal is political' it's true. Image, childcare, employment opportunites are personal they are also political. The woman wondering what to wear for her job interview; formal or informal, should she wear make-up and perfume or not, it's personal and yet her 'personal' dilemmas may have a real bearing on whether she is the sucessful applicant.

No obvious answers in feminism, not  for women nor for men who want social equality too.

I'm not thanking God. It's reductionism at its absolute worst! 


To cram into such a small article so much of what is the problem with female unrest (ridiculously touted as feminism) is a mean feat. 

The young henchwomen that the Guardian has snapped up are nothing but self-absorbed barrel-scrapers, as you'll see in this offal of an article from Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett:

'I feel guilty but I hate my body': a feminist confesses | Life ...