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Writers Block

So I've started writing a novel and until now it's been going well. But now that I'm several chapters in I'm not sure how to continue it. Nothing seems to clear my head well enough to find a nice way to keep going. I've tried music, going on with basic life, reading some other pieces of work, writing new material and even going out; as my friends recommended. Nothing helps. The problem is the story is at a "slow section", as I like to call it. When nothing really exciting is taking place and its at a transition. I'm at a crossroads; to just stop writing it completely, even though I absolutely love the story and characters; or just stick around for a few more years, like it took me with a previous story. I'm usually a patient person when it comes to writing but I'm almost ready to give up.

Caitlin,  you've answered your own questions. 

  1. You said that you have started writing a novel - a dangerous statement in itself
  2. 'Nothing helps' - all the usual day-to-day stuff you mentioned is unlikely to help
  3. If the story's at a 'slow section' you're the one who put it there.  Your readers don't want to read slow sections
  4. Make something exciting happen, that's why readers read.  Only you can do that.
  5. Above all else learn to be an impatient writer

Set yourself a target of writing 800 (or whatever) words and make a contract with yourself that reads like this "Whoever reads these 800 words will feel richly rewarded".




I suppose you're right. I've never thought of it like that. Thank you so much for the help; most importantly the last portion, the goal. I think I'll start doing that. (Writing 800 or so words a week, or even a day). Thanks for the help:)



Scratch makes some excellent points there.

When I reach a "slow scene" in my story, I tend to focus on making some catching dialogue. I tend to picture my work as a movie, and I want every scene to have the reader at the edge of the seat, so to say. It's all about not wasting screentime.

There's this movie called "A Man From Earth." It's basically just a bunch of people in a cabin... talking. That's the whole movie. The subject matter and the dialogue makes it one of the best films I've ever seen! I've tried selling this to my friends, but when I say, "Well, it's a bunch of people in cabin, and they're talking..." it doesn't sound very exciting. It's a fantastic experience, though. You wouldn't regret watching it. laugh

Buenos ding dong diddly dias!

Ahh, okay I see now. Quite honestly, I've tried to make things more exciting by adding action but doing it seems unnecessary, or not exactly unnecessary but wrong. If that makes any sense, it probably doesn't. Anyways adding dialogue is something I could definitely do, to easily smoothen it out. Thank you:) (I'll be sure to watch that movie, it sounds interesting)  That in addition to setting a 'writing goal' can easily help me out. Thanks guys smileyyes

The title of that movie is "The Man From Earth" (2007), not "A Man..." as I said. My bad.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and I'm glad I could be of help. :)

Buenos ding dong diddly dias!

I found that out when I looked up the movie. But after watching it, I'll admit, I absolutely loved it. Thank you:)