Leggings - Norwich Remembrance....

Norwich Remembrance....


A river of humanity was moving towards the city hall from as far away as the furthest point of St Stephens, in a hurry to get there on time. I find the climb up hard, so I took an alternative route through the shopping mall, up the escalators - Thus missing the incline out, towards the city hall.


I stopped by the balcony outside the library, to see that the procession had moved forward to the middle of the city hall front. All the forces were represented by their cadets, with a few regulars in attendance too. The Civic leaders and other dignitories stood outside the main entrance of City hall. Opposite the church was with the band of survivers from the wars and forces, and the public was spread like a thick carpet all along.


I stayed where I was as the ceremony went through. I felt a lack of comeradery, a feeling of being very alone today. Sometimes I've felt their presence very close by – all those I knew before. Not today though.


When the crowds began to move, I stepped back a bit, nodded and smiled to a few. Spoke to smartly dressed man near the steps. He said his Grandfather served in WW1 and WW2. I could identify. His grandfather never spoke of the war really. I can identify with that too. We never spoke of it really. It was a horrible place where people did horrible things – and the best parts were when we were on the way in, or told we didn't have to go at all.


I moved down into the city hall frontage, wher e the stronger part of the crowd remained. I watched the cadets move off in smart order. It was a good turnout, and the bond with the city between past and present is met for the year.  


N.B. Back at the flat now, my neck is very sore. I sometimes wonder if the six inch wood piece from the spinal op is there – and perhaps my time is growing shorter by the month. I'll never see Lake Como again or the house I never managed to furnish. All I can recall now is the long length of marbled floor across the main entrance rooms :) 


Interesting that you can get a shortcut to skip the hill climb by going into the malls and using the escalators! Rhiannon


my legs are so sore - I invent ways to get around walking up hill...lol!

maisie angel