The Undertakers are here, Ma'am!

"A selection of darkly humorous tales about two hapless undertakers, Josiah Oakshott and Archibald Thurble, and the troubles that befall them and their clients. Also, some stories about two precocious children you really wouldn't want to tangle with - Peregrine and Prudence. If you want to know who blew up the crematorium, why Mrs Anderby had an unfortunate encounter with some potting compost and how an Anti-Santa found himself in captivity, you could do a lot worse than read this book! If you like your humour slightly dark and rather silly, then this is the tome for you."
That's the blurb but many of you will already know my Undertakers, Josiah and Archibald and the precocious pairing of Peregrine and Prudence because all of the short stories about these characters have first appeared here, on ABS tales.  Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read these and particular thanks to those who have taken the time to comment.  I'm now delighted to have gathered all of these stories together in one book, which was published as a Kindle edition, today.  The purpose of this is not to make money (at just 99p the only real winner will be Amazon) but to provide a chuckle and something to read at a time when we all need both of those things more than ever.  In that spirit, the book will be FREE this weekend (28th & 29th March) but I can never figure out when these promotions start and finish, thanks to Amazon's insistence on using Pacific Daylight Time! 
I'm approaching this with a little trepidation.  This is my first all-fiction book for many years.  My last attempt was a novella that was given a thoroughly deserved mauling on its appearance and which I later unpublished (is there such a word) to expunge the shameful reviews.  I like to think I've learned my lesson and that this book demonstrates a better understanding of humour and readable writing, but we'll see.
Anyway, see what you think.  Keep safe, keep well and keep reading :-)


Let's face it, it would be the height of stupidity to publish a humorous book about a pair of undertakers at the peak of a global pandemic and then make it FREE for the weekend. I mean, who would do that? Erm!