ABCTales Reading Event May 18th, 7pm - Please Read

I'm very pleased to announce that the readers list is now full! It's going to be a wonderful evening with some brilliant readers, new and old. Thank you all so much for registering!

There is still room to be in the audience but you will have to register using the link below

We have had a slight organisational hiccup and the link to register has now changed. I'll be emailing everyone on our previous list, but you will all need to re-register using the link below. If you have any problems doing so, please get in touch with me ( - apologies for the cockup.

Our usual MC Mark Burrows isn't going to be able take part this time, but (you lucky, lucky things) I will now be doing it myself with help from my charming assistants, onemorething and airyfairy.

We are all really looking forward to seeing you there! smiley


The link to register is here:     





I am really looking forward to this event via Zoom. Enjoy the day & week everyone. 

I'm so glad you're coming Tretchi - have you registered with the new link?


No I have not, where may I find the link to do so Insertponceyfrenchnamehere?

Thank you Insertponceyfrenchnamehere, I am now registered.