How would you like to be a story editor for Eastenders?

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How would you like to be a story editor for Eastenders?

Here's a job advert for a story editor for BBC televisions's EastEnders. How top would it be if one of us got this:

Story Editor, EastEnders Ref. 80275
Elstree, six-month contract

As a core member of the story team, you'll generate and develop stories for
EastEnders that fit into the overall plot arc. You'll write detailed synopses and
keep scripts and related documents up to date by incorporating changes. You'll
also develop smaller, self-contained plots, research new ideas, and write
character biographies.

You'll need at least a year's experience of story writing, ideally on a tv drama
series, including a sense of plot and pace and the ability to write simply and
clearly. You should also have an awareness of what your creative decisions can
cost, some understanding of the law in relation to writing and TV production, and
experience of working under pressure. A passion for EastEnders is essential!

Applications to be received by 30 January.

You can apply for this role and learn about how we do things at the BBC, by

Alternatively, please call 0870 333 1330.
Textphone 020 8008 4300.
Ceefax page 696.


Mark Brown, Editor (on leave),