advice for an emotional mother

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advice for an emotional mother

In one hours time I will be packing my 12 year old son off to Manchester to compete in the National fishing championships, this is the first time he has ever been away from home on his own (he is a chronic asthmatic so has always had to be accompanied everywhere by a family member) and we have been bigging it up all week saying what a fantastic time he's going to have etc etc.
Now that the day is finally here however it is me who is the emotional wreck and he seems on earth am I not going to burst into tears when he gets on the mini-bus?


oh camus i know exactly how you feel, my duaghter went skiing for the first time aged 11 last year, i was in a perpetual state of nervousness and doom for the whole year leading up to it. You wont cry becuase you wont want to embarass him. He will come back in one piece and will have grown up which will make you so proud. He knows how to deal with his asthma, he is the expert after all. i can't offer advice just empathy - but tonight you could try to get a takeaway, get pissed, and revel in your time, and if poss have lots of sex. Juliet


My mum *still* cries when I leave for the airport, and I'm 36 and have been leaving home regularly for the last twenty years, so don't hold out much hope for toughening up, camus! :-) Just keep a poker face until the bus drives off, then have a good old bawl. Have a few stiff drinks. He must be sooooo chuffed to be doing this, and you will be soooo proud of him when he comes back. Juliet's right. You can cry on him when he gets back; tell him it's pride. He *will* be fine.
How'd it go, hun? *hands over box of tissues*
Aww thanks all, wasn't as bad as I expected after all, didn't embaress him with tears (although did kiss him goodbye in front of everyone which he wasn't too keen on), managed to hold back the sniffles til he'd gone. Am now driving the rest of the family mad waiting for him to call or text! (and yes, I am sooo proud of him!)
if he takes forever texting or phoning you know it's cause he's having fun nobody
I felt the same a few weeks ago when my 5 year-old went on his first school outing. It was agony for me, but I noticed all the other parents looked just as nervous as I was. However it all went well, he had a great time...made me realise how many years of worry are ahead!
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My mother sent me off gladly. But people aren't dogs. My heart is warmed (really) to see that folks realize that.
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