Calling all ABCers...

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Calling all ABCers...

Just a reminder that the ABCTales/Booktribes seaside get together is only a couple of weeks away!!

The evening event will kick off at 7 for 7.30pm, 'Upstairs at the Western Front' Cranbourne Street, Brighton on Saturday 23rd June.

A chance to meet up with everybody plus readings from:

Ralph Dartford - ralph
Liana Hemmett -Liana07
Lou gallagher(thomas)-2lou
Dan Derrett- maddan
Alison Dunne-ivoryfishbone

Here’s the venue…

I’ll be posting up details of a daytime rendezvous shortly for anyone who’d like to make a day of it.

Should be fun. Buy some rock... have a dip... spot Kolley Kibber...

Meanwhile – Jude has produced some wonderful flyers, if anybody would be kind enough to print a few to distribute.