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Just thought I'd let people know that I'v added a new story.

Well, I do apologise. As I am new, I had no idea I was in breach of any rule. On other sites I have belonged to it is encouraged to point out that you have up-loaded a new story. I did not intend to be "shameless" as you so charmingly put it, or to have practised "flagrant misuse of the site." To be honest, far from making me feel welcome here, you have shocked me with your very rude attitude and uncalled for venom towards me. I made an innocent mistake which you could have corrected me on in a gentlemanly and kind way. I would not dream of accosting an innocent stranger in such a way, bad mood or not! I came here thinking this was possibly a nice community to belong to and somewhere I could share my stories, but if you are a representation of the people here, then perhaps I am in the wrong place. As for wishing me "all the best," I find your good wishes rather redundant after your horrible attack on me. Sincerely GP Jackson
Hi Word Reiver, No sweat. Broadly speaking blighter's on the right track but you weren't to know that. A big welcome to ABCtales and here's to many more years of your stories. Cheers, Tony
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