Having Trouble Posting a Story

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Having Trouble Posting a Story

I tried to post a story just now, but I was told I reached my three stories a day limit. To tell ya the truth, I wish I could write that fast. But the last one I posted was yesterday. Curious in New York. lol.

Yeah I only experience that cos there's a time difference...but whatever...ur account's probably glitched.

Natalia :)

Same thing happened to me, too, hudson.


Yesterday, I was told I'd posted three when I'd posted none. Later it let me post one, and then said I'd reached the limit. I wondered if it was anything to do with playing around editing some I had on private. Rhiannon


I posted one yesterday and it told me it was the second one I'd posted that day... but it was just the first!
I managed to post something, but I'm told it was my third story. Go figure. And happy end of the world day. May I say it was a pleasure knowing each and every one of you. Rich