Accessibility Issues During Update

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Accessibility Issues During Update

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that there might be some accessibility issues (especially for logged-out users) today as we finish updating the site to incorporate our new members-only viewing option. We ran a script overnight and unfortunately it didn't run properly, so we're finishing the updates manually today.

Don't be worried if some pages are temporarily inaccessible or if you are unable to view stories on certain pages. Everything should be back up and running normally by the end of the day.

All the best,


What is the members only viewing option?

Hi Alex,

It's a new feature where you can set stories and poems to be visible only to logged in members of ABCtales. It's basically a way for people who are workshopping material for publication to keep their stuff on ABC and get feedback, without worrying about running into problems regarding 'previous digital publication' - which is such vague and ambiguous territory.

The option is now at the bottom of all story forms while editing - and can be applied to old pieces as well as new.


Ah, sounds like a good plan. Carry on!

It sound like a good idea, well done or getting it to work.

Regarding publishing or reading my work elsewhere my personal guess is that I am on safe ground provided no money changes hands.