Wembley Stadium.

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Wembley Stadium.

A piece of steel falls off the roof. What to do do? Ah - send all the workers home. Will it ever be finished? This bodes ill for the Olympic Games. We're going to be made the laughing stock of the world. Why couldn't we have given the job to one of the companies that built the amazing stadiums at the last world cup? At a quarter of the price.

I had no idea that Britain was hosting the Olympics in 2012, till I read a mention in an online UK paper. Sometimes I feel so out of touch here.


Being out of touch whilst in the States is not uncommon, iceman. You'll fit in nicely with the general populace.You get used to it after awhile...;-)
The building contactor is Australian. It's not a bad effort for part-time bar-staff.
archergirl -- all i can say is that some of the stuff that happens here, especially in the media is bloody bizarre. Saw a show tonight where this guy called Feingold (D. Wisconsin) wants to table a motion to say "Mr. President you broke the law, you made a mistake now admit it" and the rest of his party seem to be less than interested. NRA wiretapping. I think.


Unfortunately a number of this country's large construction firms are now Australian owned. Nothing wrong with that, except that they're staffed with young, high-flyers who have been fast-tracked into their positions without the necessary experience. That in itself is bad enough, but the fact that they are now firing all the guys with a lifetime's experience and, perhaps more importantly, contacts is a disaster in the making. When Multiplex are tendering for their next job, this latest debacle is not going to look good. I don't see how a steel beam can drop three feet, but there's no doubt that it happened. The weight would surely have been taken by the crane while it was being bolted or welded into position. It could have fallen if the weight was too much for the crane at that particular radius, or the wrong strops were used, or chains were used instead of strops, or the wind suddenly started gusting but there are many measures in place to see this doesn't happen. The whole project seems spooked, from air holes in the concrete, to a beam dropping three feet, to this week's latest issue with the drains. All of these are extremely expensive mistakes, but talking to guys who've been on the job they all knew the drains were under too much pressure months ago! The issue of the Olympics is neither here nor there as its unlikely Multiplex will even attempt to tender for the Olympic village, So I think we can sleep save in the knowledge that a more experienced - and stable - British firm will win that job.


As for Feingold--bear in mind that the Republicans control both houses of Congress. It doesn't make any difference what he wants to do, he can't possibly get a vote of censure or impeachment passed. It would be a distraction from the real task at hand, which is to defeat as many Republicans as possible in the November Congressional elections. Making empty gestures to get air time will only make the Dems look like a bunch of posturing little squirts who don't deserve to be in office.
We shall see =D


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