a door by pepsoid

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a door by pepsoid


loved this - particularly your take on the theme adore - it certainly made me chuckle.


Ta Juliet! It's been a while since I got a cherry, so nice to know the ABC Cherrypicking Robot still loves me... :-) * P * :-) ( Read my blog! - www.oddcourgette.blogspot.com )
I really liked this Pepsoid. When I first heard the Stone Roses song 'I wanna be adored' I thought he was singing ' I wanna be a door'. I was very young.


There's nothing more mind-teasing than the incomprehensible eagerly avowed -

Pepsoid, Nicely done, certainly good for a chuckle. Well deserved cherry. Jude, I thought the words said that as well. I blame mine on bad hearing, what's your excuse?
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Finally got round to reading it - I never miss a pepsoid posting. Top-grade pepsoid stuff! Makes it look so simple! Give that man a bowl of cherries...
I also enjoyed this, made a great start to the day for me. Agree with Juliet - well done on your take on 'adore'!
Aww shucks... thank you for all your kind words! :-) * P * :-) ( Read my blog! - www.oddcourgette.blogspot.com )
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