Antidote to the scary Israel/Lebanon stuff

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which reminds me of that old Russian disease: rotchacrotchoff.
or that hawaiian disease: lakanookie
Golly gosh Archergirl, you truly are amazing, all that and you never even got around to mentioning the husband and children that you have managed to squeeze into your hectic schedule. How on earth does the great states of America do without you as a role model?
Your jealousy is touching, SHAL. I assure you that the States is a poorer place without my graceful presence and this has no doubt contributed to the global mess the States is currently embroiled in. And what a sad, boring life YOU must lead since you spend so much time projecting your self-loathing onto me. Did I tell you that this autumn I'll be starting a course for a degree in Osteopathy AND I'll be studying Italian, too? All while working full-time, raising children and nurturing husband? And what will YOU be doing, having a lonely twiddle of your sagging, stinking bits whilst you watch Eastenders? And then coming on ABC to slag off people who have a more interesting life? I'd seek counselling, if I were you. I always liked: Eliza Lott and Lottie Goodlove (sounds like a porn star)
Watching Eastenders? Moi? (wow, look I speak French, clever me) Gosh no. I will in fact, from September be undertaking a PHD in bullshit spotting as it appears that I have a natural, god given talent for it.
P.s (sh)Eliza Lott would be an excellent name for yourself in case you were ever tempted to change.
Oh, saggy, you poor thing. I have no need to lie, and unlike you, I have no deep inner need to continually harass others. Now, be a nice hairy arse and go knit a blanket for yourself.
SHAL, you bully. Put that metaphorical blanket in your metaphorical mouth. I _do_ have a need to harass others and at the moment I have a need to harrass you. other pleasing names: Ben Dover. Eileen Dover. Eulich McGee.
Can't beat a bit of Eastenders... Middle East conflicts? World Poverty? Global Environmental Disasters? Pah! Bradley & Stacey's relationship is far more dramatic... And don't even get me started on Dot & Jim! *** pepsoid *** [[[ " It is a pickle, no doubt about it " - The Oracle (The Matrix) ]]]

The All New Pepsoid the Second!

Oh I have no need to knit my own blanket shelizagirl as I have my faithful servants to knit me anything that I desire from the mountains of Alpaca wool that was recently shorn from my private herd that roam at will around my country retreat (paid for incidentally by the fact that i am an expert in absolutely anything and everything that you can imagine, in particular anything that anyone happens to mention that they are good at on ABC, and all the BAs, MAs and PHDs that I have happened to pick up over the years. My little cottage company (sorry forgot to mention that I also have numerous businesses) produces a lovely little line in alpaca knickers if you fancy a pair, just let me know which colour you would like and I'll have some run up for you, they work wonders at keeping women in the bedroom rather than on the pc!
And the two high priestesses did engage in an almighty battle on the hilltop, amidst lightning and dark skies and fire-breathings dragons (and stuff), until after much huffing and puffing and postulating (and such things), it was discovered that one of the high priestesses was a fake, and not everything she claimed to be, and she fell under the relentless barrage of magic and big sticks, and the high priestess who was everything she claimed to be stepped up to the bruised and battered fake, kicked her once on her swelling left ear and declared… “Ya daft twazzock, did you really expect to take on the mighty me and win? Off to the End of the East for you!” And that was pretty much it really. *** pepsoid *** [[[ " It is a pickle, no doubt about it " - The Oracle (The Matrix) ]]]

The All New Pepsoid the Second!


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