Ways With Words Festival at Dartington Hall Devon

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Ways With Words Festival at Dartington Hall Devon

Dear all.

I hope the following info may be of interest to you.  Starts on the 7th  July and ends on the 17th July

"...Ways With Words Festival of Words and Ideas at Dartington Hall

A vibrant and joyful 10-day event, a chance for those who read books to meet those who write them. The setting is glorious, the atmosphere is invigorating. People come together in spectacular surroundings to share the pleasure and power of language and ideas..."

 The link is...fingers crossed as above.

Enjoy and kind regards


Dartington Hall and grounds are fabulous, a great setting for this event. I'd love to visit but not possible this year... bet it's a great festival.


Hello Ashbee

Thanks for expressing an interest  and as you say it is indeed   "...a great setting for this event.."  the cream teas are great as well.





It's a definite maybe! I don't work on Thursday or Sunday and I have other days where I can start very early and finish by 9.30 and use my bus pass to get out there for nowt.

Hello Elsie 

"... use my bus pass to get out there for nowt..."

It will take you about three days to get there from Exmouth!!!

Walk to Lympstone and hitch a lift from a marine, you"ll be there in no time at all.





I followed your advice and thumbed a lift in a jeep with 5 marines who were into Alice Oswald and Michael Morpurgo. But we had a party out in the woods which lasted for days and I am still 'getting it together' again. Maybe make it to Dartmoor next year.  Damn! it wasn't on Dartmoor it was Dartingtonwink