Christmas 2008.

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Christmas 2008.

I've just received the first exhortation in a pamphlet to buy at half price, goods for this Christmas. Is this some kind of a record? Christmas traditionally starts in September.

Never mind the Christmas commercialism crap, Styx, you should be nice and cosy in your holiday home eating turkey and trimmings and snacking on mince pies. Don’t weaken – do it! It will change your life – in fact it will give you a life. You are a talented, amusing, likeable chap and it is never too late to succeed! The very best of luck and good wishes and don’t forget to write... This world needs the magic of laughter and when you’re on form you’re a magician.
Christmas starts when the supermarkets feel that the sales of barbecues on the "Seasonal" aisle have begun to slow down.
Turkey? Bleh! Am I the only one who think it tastes like - um - nothing. Oh by the way, thanks Mykle that gives a boost to my very fragile ego.


My daughter's first Christmas! :-))))) pe ps oid "the progenitor" "the art of tea" "that's an odd courgette"
I am envious Peps, the old cliche that Christmas is for the kids is true. I hope one day I will be able to give the stories and the magic of christmas to juniorjude, rather than the plastic crap! jude
For some reason MSN refuses to let me on and so I can’t send any emails via Hotmail. I did manage to find a backdoor way to read some though and I noticed I had a few from ABCtales. Thanks for those all! If and when Microsoft forgives me my sins I will do my best to reply. In the meantime live long and prosper... and if you see anyone with pointy ears it might be me :O)
Thanks for you emails, Cathy. I don't know what they say because any attempt to open them results in the blue screen of death, mini dump and reboot. Knowing you, I'm sure that they are wise and witty! Take care and keep smiling.
Finally found a way to do it... Yes, it is amazing how many squares you get at a ball but how many cubes will get in? ;o) I'm quite good at tripping the light fantastic but not classically. It's amazing how many people fail to see that shape is what appeals to me Don't care if it fat or thin... just how it contains what is within. As Mykle Mouse is fond to say "What a lot of balls make a cubist's day..." ;o)
As easy as Pi but between you and I it's transendental but I don't know why. For should you start to work it out Ureka you will never, ever, shout. 355/113 is very odd you see better than 22/7 and close enough for me but still you'll find, it's not defined and always leaves a gap behind. Like the frog upon the log Who alway jumped halfway to the shore However close he got to it There was always a little bit more.
Xmas comes earlier every year, it even takes the fun out of it for the kids. My wife saw cards and all that the other day when she was out shopping, crap really rampant consumerism, ven kids become christmased out by the time of the big day. Craig
Sorry for all the strange posts here but my email is kaput and I was trying to explian to a friend that we live in a round world but we measure it in squares... well, actually a spherical world which we measure in cubes. Consequently when things get small the ''fit" is very bad. I mean imagine cube shaped atoms - everything would be built 'dutch bond' :O) (I'd better add for any irrate brickies that it was a joke and I know you couldn't really build Dutch Bond with cubes.) Pi is the 'mystical' connection between the straight and the curved and being 'transendental' cannot be expressed with total accuracy except as the ratio between a circle and its circumference. In my opinion curves are natural and straight lines are, largely, imaginary :O)
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