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The Olympics are finally here.

An outstanding, and very british, inaugural ceremony, although a bit flopsided to the music (yes, we are big on music, but still) highlighting our contribution to the world. Though I must say I did find a bit odd, if not highly in contradiction, that the OG organizers forbade athletes the use of mobile phones, and twitting, whilst saying that we provided the world with this kind of social network technology.

I loved the Mexican outfit, full of color. Thought it was the shit.

What are your opinions?

Nice overall, but all the British culture stuff bored people after a while. Everyone wants the new stuff, you know? The commentators made inside British jokes a lot. Too presonal, I think. Just my 2 cents. Natalia

Natalia :)

We loved it from beginning to end, just one moment of concern- if you did not catch it, have a look at the German Chancellors "wave". That was not a happy moment for me, nor Camilla who was behind him but Boris thought it was hysterical.


Didn't actually understand most of it but loved the massive torch at the end. :)


I thought it was a nativity play. I was waiting to see my bit.
Yup, the inside jokes were the norm of the day. But did not an inaugural is meant to show the true colours of the host. Nativitiy! with the barn animals and all. Cauldron was great, and new. Is it staying in the middle of the olympic stadium, I wonder? Excelsior!
Yeah, and thanks to them I have just done 5am shift starts with 6 days on and 1 off for the next 3 weeks....


I enjoyed it, I thought the final flame was magnificent


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