Brittany - Writers' Workshop - Next Summer

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Brittany - Writers' Workshop - Next Summer

I live in the middle of Brittany. It's beautiful here about an hour's drive from St Malo port.

We're an hour from the coast there's beautiful countryside, medieval towns and villages, great food, wine and inspiration.

I thought it would make an excellent venue for a Writers' Workshop.

I would be happy to host and organise something next summer if there is any interest.

The Workshop could be formal or informal, structured or not. I just need to gauge the interest.

Let me know what you think.

Sound absolutely perfect! I really love the thought of it, and would be very interested.
That sounds great! Logistically for me it would be problematic. I have a seven month old daughter and leaving her mum to cope alone might be difficult. It's definitely of interest to me though and something that I hope is made to happen. Best of luck with what is a very generous offer KJD.


I would love an opportunity like that, but unfortunately due to family commitments and finances I can't do it.
I think it's a fabulous idea. And in principle, I'm in, thank you. But if it takes off, you can't be expected put us all up, so, if this is going to happen we have to think about reasonable accommodation in the area. Is there a local B&B or inexpensive hotel? How accessible are you from airports and such like? A weekend of writing, or even just friendship in the sun sounds blissful. I never know how well behaved my life is going to be from one week to the next but I would love to accept with a penciled in possibly/ maybe. Thank you, Kerry, great idea.


Hi guys, Thanks for your supportive responses. I have no idea what such a Writers' Workshop would look like, I've never been to one. But I would be happy to act as the focal point, the local organiser, for such an event. Geographically, we live near Josselin and Ploermel in the Morbihan. The nearest ferry-port is St Malo (90 minutes by car), airport is Dinard (Ryanair daily flights - 70 minutes by car). Nearest railway station is Rennes with a coach link to Ploermel. As for the living arrangements, it depends upon the numbers really. If there are only a couple I could host. We only have a small place, but if you are willing to rough it I could throw up a tent in the garden, you you could bring your own. There a gites, B&Bs and hotels close by. The nearest Hotel has damn near a Michelin class restaurant but would only set you back about £50 for a smashing meal, rooms are less than £70 per night. Other hotels are lots less expensive. There are a couple of camp-sites within five miles, a golf resort and hotel complex near the lake in Ploermel. If you want to come and explore, bring the family. The only thing I can't guarantee is the weather, Brittany is close to the West Country in England, but a bit warmer. If it's a long week-end we could arrange grub, but this is France, there are hundreds of restaurants around of good quality and variable price levels. For example, during the week (lunchtimes) you would pay less than £12 per head for a three-course meal including wine. Weekends and evening prices are higher, but not much. Writing activities could include anything you like really. We could try and source a professional writer for a seminar or two. Writing competitions, prizes, whatever. As I said I have no idea what one of these things would include. Suggestions? We could simply make it a 'meet and greet', putting faces to names. Or we could take it seriously and do some work. I'm happy to go with the consensus. I thought we could go Dutch on the expenses. We'd either make it up as we go along or compile an itinerary like a proper writer's school. If any of this sounds like fun, I'm happy to act as agent provocateur, and Chief d'hotel. Over to you, KJD PS. As for the language barrier, I've lived here since Jan 2007, and I can barely speak French (my wife Jan, is the linguist). The locals are friendly and patient and it's interesting living here.