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New Novel Release

My second novel, Monsters Mostly Come Out At Night, is now available from Amazon as an ebook with paperback soon to follow. 

There is a place you played as a child, where monsters couldn't harm you. But when you leave and grow up, they follow you into adulthood. 

Steven has been running his entire life, but now he must stop and face his childhood monster, returning to that place of dreams and endless summers known as the Wastelands. Everyone, including his new colleague Beth, is placed in danger as the phantom on the internet draws closer. If Steven fails to face his monster and uncover the truth of his past, he could lose the love of his life while the world is plunged into darkness. 

Pulled into secrets spanning decades, will Steven be strong enough to save himself - and the world - from unthinkable evil?

you are on a roll! Best of luck with sales and well done


Jesus, two novels in jig time. Well done. I'll buy a copy.