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New People Coming From Twitter

I've been recommending ABCTales to people on Twitter so thought I'd post this in case anyone has come over from there, and is feeling a bit confused, trying to work out what the site's about, and wants somewhere to start to introduce themselves and get to know other people.

I'm Emily. I founded, a digital magazine for chronically ill and disabled (CIAD) writers - see I also worked at ABCTales years ago, when it first started, and helped set up these forums deep in the mists of time (writing posts, not the tech side - that was the very talented John Handelaar). Since then, I've had numerous fiction and non-fiction books published, run several magazines, and put together a fair few charity anthologies. I self published Go Wild: Over 200 Ways to Connect With Nature so that I could keep the price as accessible as possible I'm also into science and helped run Brighton Science Festival for years/used to run festival science events through until my disability (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) made that unfeasible.

Please say hello, introduce yourself and any books/articles you've written/blogs you have/writing dreams you want to make come true/writers you love, and ask any questions you have about ABCtales so one of the nice people who run it now can answer (though I'll happily answer if I can - I know the site reasonably well)

Thank you so much for recommending us - and we're very much enjoying the pieces you've posted since your return (big congratulations on your golden cherries!)


that great, Emily

It is always good to be switched on'

Cheers Emily


good that we are all linking up



I love that there's somewhere writers can 'meet'. There's loads of talent on the site too - having lots of fun getting to know it again


Too right Ciadish



About time we all grew the site bigger again

Let's grow our own

You are the real deal