Improve The Gene Pool.

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Improve The Gene Pool.

I have to relate this: I've just read this
in the paper and it almost put me into anaphylactic
shock with laughter. :This is about a guy in
Croatia who needed to clean his chimney and didn't
have a brush long enough to do the job. So being a bit
of a thinker who thought outside the zone; he thought:
'OK it's not long enough to go up; but; if I dropped
it down the chimney, no problemo. But it's not heavy
enough; what do I have that's small enough and heavy
enough to take the brush down. Ah - the old hand
grenade I've kept from the war.' (You're racing ahead of me)

'How to affix the grenade to the metal part of the
brush' he thought. 'Ah I know, I'll get the
blowtorch.' And surprisingly when he applied the
blowtorch to the hand grenade it exploded. Something
to do with the gunpowder inside probably. His chimney
was left smoking as was he. Oh it just made me laugh.
There is an award called The Darwin Award that
celebrates those that have improved the gene pool by
removing themselves from it. He won.