Mind the Gaps!

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Mind the Gaps!

I have been cutting and pasting my stories from word into ABC tales directly. In word I have gaps between my paragraphs as it's easier to read online. When I paste on ABC tales, it takes all the gaps out.

Is there an easy way to post work and get it to leave the gaps in? Reading it all crammed up is hard on the eyes afterall...

Maybe I'm missing the obvious - it often happens.


I had the same problem when I first joined on abctales. The simplest solution is just to add in the spaces after copying the story from you word doc. Hope this helps! It certainly is easier on the eyes.
urgh! I haven't the patience for that - we're all writers, so perhaps we can use our imaginations that the gaps are there to save me the trouble?


I've always done as Steve suggested and re-edited after pasting the story. Not sure why ABC doesn't leave the gaps.


I new FTSE would have the answer :)


Hello Kevin. I always do my work in Word RTF (Rich Text Format), and rarely have a problem with it coming out exactly the way I want it to. Try it. In fact, most editors wish you to submit via Email in this format. Regards, Richard LP
Richard L. Provencher
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