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I have 2500 stories published in 30 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 1807488 times and 204 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Richard Laurent Provencher

Richard is from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. His enjoyment of the woods combined with contemporary issues form the basis of his writing. Richard is now concentrating on his poetry, which he believes is like a global adventure in a land without borders. His background as a miner, welfare officer, supply teacher, newspaper reporter, and a further 22 years in social services provide him with ample article material.

Richard has work in print and online with literary magazines such as Inscribed, Hudson View, Short Story Library, Ottawa Arts Review, Paragon 111, Tower Poetry, Caduceus, The Danforth Review, Other Voices International, Rubicon Publishing, Writer's Block, The Foliate Oak, Parenting Express, The Penwood Review, and Blue Skies Poetry.

Note: Richard L. Provencher will be 80 on September 10, 2022, lives with his precious wife, Esther to whom he married 47 years ago, and continues to joyfully write all types of poetry, and posts his work now, all of it on; some experimental. They have lived in lovely Truro, Nova Scotia for the past 36 years. Richard & Esther have a very strong Christian faith. Bless each one of you who enjoy all of our writing, and although did not make much money are glad to share our work.

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When I Write

I delight in writing about the sky with its colours and windy tussles while below stories need telling about life among those in cities and towers...

What I Miss

What I Miss is swinging for hours in our backyard the way I used to do riding higher and higher on the swing daddy made for me then growing bolder as...

You're the Reason

You’re the Reason for my wings. A lit up lady with fire in your eyes and the energy of a lightning bolt that races to its destination- carrying me...

The Anvil

For a few moments a shiver of cold tap-dances across my chest and thankful the weight from new street treasures press down on my homeless body. Am I...


We often looked in wonder at the strands of steel track which meandered off into the unknown- ten year olds in the 1950’s knew it led to fame &...


43 of my comments have received 45 Great Feedback votes

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This poem is evocative, full

Posted on Wed, 27 Oct 2021

This poem is evocative, full of shivers and reality. I enjoyed your phraseology as I bounced off each stanza which kept coming Closer and Closer...

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Posted in Wintered Thin

2 Votes

A great read. I feel like a

Posted on Tue, 10 Sep 2019

A great read. I feel like a squirrel chasing one stanza, then another, making sure I capture all the puzzle-pieces.

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Posted in September Chills

1 Vote

Thank you Jenny for such kind

Posted on Sat, 30 Apr 2022

Thank you Jenny for such kind thoughts re my favourite bird. Years ago my wife, Esther and I, went to Sheffield Fields, Nova Scotia for an Eagle week-end. It was at the base of the Blomidon Hills nearby and scores of people wandered about with...

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Posted in Tumultuous Times

1 Vote

Thank you, JP. Have a great

Posted on Fri, 29 Apr 2022

Thank you, JP. Have a great week of peace and contentment.

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Posted in Everyday Flavours

1 Vote

A lovely comment, JP - thanks

Posted on Fri, 22 Apr 2022

A lovely comment, JP - thanks so much. -Richard LP

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Posted in World Thoughts

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A very relaxing poem, Jenny.

Posted on Thu, 01 Nov 2012

A very relaxing poem, Jenny. Close your eyes and you are there, in a bouquet of flight, breathing in precious freedom within layers of sky. The last time my wife and I saw any was six on the shores of Green Bay within Northumberlain Strait, New...

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Posted in Migration of the Swan

1 Vote

&Nolan- thank you for the

Posted on Mon, 14 Feb 2022

&Nolan- thank you for the nice comment. I try to be positive in my writing since there is so much sadness in the world these days. What keeps you going in your writing? -Richard LP 

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Posted in Walk With Me

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Thank you so much JP - may

Posted on Sun, 16 Jan 2022

Thank you so much JP - may you and your family and friends have a wonderful New Year blessed by Jesus. 

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Posted in Domain

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Great words, JP. Thank you.

Posted on Sat, 15 Jan 2022

Great words, JP. Thank you. Please help me understand how these buttons work (very confusing)' Two kind persons said - two users voted this article as great feedback - now do I push the button on Mark this comment as great feedback, or only do re...

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Posted in This Homeless Man

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Posted on Tue, 05 Jun 2018

ThANK YOU EVERYoNE! for the Cherry, Inspiration you recieved, etc. Your encouragement and support remind me how much I am humbled by good people in this world -- you. I write - I write. RLP

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