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I have 2095 stories published in 18 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 1244971 times and 147 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Richard L. Provencher

Richard is from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. His enjoyment of the woods combined with contemporary issues form the basis of his writing. Richard is now concentrating on his poetry, which he believes is like a global adventure in a land without borders. His background as a miner, welfare officer, supply teacher, newspaper reporter, and a further 22 years in social services provide him with ample article material.
Richard has work in print and online with literary magazines such as Inscribed, Hudson View, Short Story Library, Ottawa Arts Review, Paragon 111, Tower Poetry, Caduceus, The Danforth Review, Other Voices International, Rubicon Publishing, Writer's Block, The Foliate Oak, Parenting Express, The Penwood Review, and Blue Skies Poetry.

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After a sweep of horizon’s view an eagle shuffles to the edge of his expansive space then drops from his perch and tumbles into sky’s yaw down &...

His Eyes

are saying goodbye family surrounds-- and aroused from sleep tries to get up but pushed back slowly and gently by his oldest by the same hand that...

He Knew

me this little guy-- a father wanting a son and he came into our lives at nine knew I was the one-- . the memory of this little kid grew up-- muscles...

Tall Walking

Talking with 3 sons about being tall the ways of real men and how at times when to say Amen ‘cause life can be tough for boys to grow and be the kind...


Let me adore You through the wind and rain Jesus. Hear my name when You gaze upon the land forgive me as I begin each day knowing I have sins for...


10 of my comments have received 11 Great Feedback votes

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A great read. I feel like a

Posted on Tue, 10 Sep 2019

A great read. I feel like a squirrel chasing one stanza, then another, making sure I capture all the puzzle-pieces.

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Posted in September Chills

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Thank you, Celticman for your

Posted on Sun, 22 Mar 2020

Thank you, Celticman for your insght. When I had the privilege of being Administrator of a Home for the Aged in Petrolia, Ontario, I learned so much in six years there. And about how memories were so meaningful to our residents.   

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Posted in He Knew

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Posted on Tue, 28 Jan 2020


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Posted in For Scotty 1967-2020

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Such a grab you in its

Posted on Fri, 22 Mar 2019

Such a grab you in its clutches poem. So sweet and full of vigour -- its beauty -- its proud place under the sun -- and I wanted to jump into the center of all the colours and press them tightly. Truly inspirational. ps. Years ago on a family...

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Posted in Wild daffodils of field and meadow*

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Hello friend-writer, I took

Posted on Fri, 30 Nov 2018

Hello friend-writer, I took your kind and excelent suggestions. I am not sure whether I push the button for "a great feedback" which it is, or leave the ABC printed statement alone. Not many of my thanks are recordedIas great statements maybe...

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Posted in The Beginning of the Rainbow

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Love between a mother and son

Posted on Thu, 02 Aug 2018

Love between a mother and son is a true DNA connection. Great thoughts. 

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Posted in Happy Birthday, Mom - Part VI

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Posted on Tue, 05 Jun 2018

ThANK YOU EVERYoNE! for the Cherry, Inspiration you recieved, etc. Your encouragement and support remind me how much I am humbled by good people in this world -- you. I write - I write. RLP

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Posted in It's More Than Poetry

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Your descriptions are

Posted on Sat, 13 Jan 2018

Your descriptions are wonderful.  A really good pussy-cat read. My wife and I recently had to help our precious cat of 19 years stay with us, yes, had to help her on her way to heaven.  

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Posted in finding peace

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Hello PT, Grappling with

Posted on Thu, 12 Dec 2013

Hello PT, Grappling with words is part of the joy of writing. Sometimes I cannot discover the end of my changes, until I return to the very beginning of my poem and start over again. Infrequently there may be two or three versions I like and keep...

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Posted in Somewhere in between

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A powerful epic of love and

Posted on Mon, 09 Dec 2013

A powerful epic of love and caring. The best to you and may the memories and images of grand days follow the movements of your pen.

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Posted in Havisham