'HE' WATCHES OVER US - a spiritual journey

Each day is a challenge. And without spiritual meaning in our lives, we can shortchange ourselves. My poetry and short stories intend to remind us to persevere. Wake up in the morning Laughing. Help others; it will build self-esteem. Pray often to overcome difficulties. And realize, you can make a difference in this world.

Richard & Esther live in Truro, Nova Scotia. They have four children and five grandchildren. They are busy in their church work and community outreach. Both welcome feedback regarding their writing at: richardprov2@gmail.com.




I hope this collection of poems and stories stimulate writers out there to take everyday events and make them meaningful. To inspire others, to be more loving and forgiving and enjoy the goodness in this world, is the goal. RLP
Richard L. Provencher

Have to admit you’re obviously prolific. A noble purpose Richard, good success!

Thank you, Tom. I love to write, and share my stories and poems. Keep smiling. Richard LP
Richard L. Provencher

You seem very determined to discard the options 'SHE' and 'IT'. Smiling? Myself, laughing all the way to the bank. They're probably still chuckling. Cheers Richard!


Have you ever wondered what Heaven is like, for those who have earned their way? This story is the first stage of that move from earth to something very special.

A Recipe of Love

Today is precious, and very difficult without our little sister, Susan. She is not gone from our lives; simply awaits us, and one day we will be...


Canoeing is such a pleasure. To travel those shallow waters, hull nudging the gravel beneath and seeking out sights where no regular boat can go. Refreshing.


It was wrong of me. So it is with life. Temptations must be controlled by discipline. Each family has to decide which is the way to do so. I can only speak for myself.


"I'll catch you," the Cygnet said. Little did he know the angel who came here would change his life forever.


Mom's proud of her son.


Yes, we have a choice between security and freedom. And unless we take control of our personal habits, our environment of faith will self-destruct.


A mom is so important in the strength of a family. She is the bastion against all odds, the comforter to her children and the encourager for husbands. (Mom passed away Sept 7, 2008. RLP)

For the Love of Jesus

Matt was working in the oil fields of Alberta when he decided to bicycle across Canada raising funds to support Dr. Jey and Lizy Jeyaseelan with their slum school projects.

God, Here I Am

I’m going to get high on Jesus, bringing folks to church my candy.


He didn't appear well dressed for shopping in town. If they only knew his small knapsack held a wonderful treasure.

He Loves Me. Me.

His eyes striking the exterior of my worldliness, His love penetrating my soul, the inner me salved by His concern


These individuals represent many faiths, shapes and sizes. "And from over 100 countries around the globe," someone whispered.


Because of the tragedy during New York's 9-11, many stories have come to light; some bitter, others vowing vengeance. This story is about forgiveness.

Jesus begins His journey

They jostle for space staring at John the Baptist; unkempt, dressed in wild looking rags---they flutter in the wind.

Letter to a Wandering Son

Right now you’re somewhere out there. In this vast expanse called Canada.


Ripples nudge against our fiberglass prow.

Mary, that Mother

She wept for her son upon the cross this lady of divine intentions felt her heart splinter matching the pulse of a man called Jesus, her first born...


Imagine a family sitting together, without snarling, without dominating, preparing for a meal in God's love. Imagine.


Being thankful for prayerful success means to publicly acknowledge such an event. If you believe in the Bible, then you believe in miracles. I am a living example. PTL

Poor Folks

picking up free clothes at Sally Ann all for the price of a couple of prayers


I believe everyone, of all faiths should pray for those victims of terrible tragedies, causing such grief in families.


Prayer is a powerful antidote to the ills of the world, and provide strength as well as encouragement in our time of need.


When you see the face of Jesus, there is a peace and loving kindness which transfers itself to you.


Strokes are terrible robbers. And they come sneaking up on loving husbands, wives, even children, who are not even aware of its presence, until BANG, you're it.


As others hurry to work, Angels in Paradise may be overlooked. Why not join the Angels and rest a spell.


They kept going until every single Christmas bulb was smashed. How could two Christian teens do such a thing?


Sadness is like a mantle of gloom when a child dies. And parents can only turn to prayer to help with the healing.


I went to Halifax hospital to have an ultrasound on my Carotid veins. It was a follow-up to one of the most shocking events of my life; a stroke.

Whisper His Name

He is the Great Physician who set the blind free. He healed the sick and brought peace to those afflicted.

Words Can Create Miracles

“Thank you Father God for many blessings. For my precious wife, children, siblings and grandchildren. May they come to appreciate the full measure of...

Don't Come

simply to cry against a tree since I already came to prepare you for the hereafter. You know your time on earth is not forever and one day you’ll...

A Secret

Love is gracious. Love is kind but hard on the heart- intense direct unforgiving or otherwise- It must receive full attention. Love is warm and sweet...

In a Refuge Camp in...

I see a little boy in sockless feet a sore on one toe and I take him into my heart. He smiles his wide squinty-eyes and I take him into my soul. A...

In the Land of Everything

Part 1 There is no speech nor walking or even riding in any sort of vehicle as seen upon the earth- before the end descended without a thud or...

Angels on High

The 90+ Club has energy to burn- and arrives in singles and two’s ladies adorned in grey hair and shaky legs yet strong enough to stand for our Lord...

I Choose Jesus

Some enjoy wanton behaviour of theft and living in a “me” world where there are no rules no one to have to listen to no bosses and no parents to...

Father God

You are beautiful. Your face a lovely sky and clouds that shape imagination – at times fells a soft rain that makes everything grow even feeds the...

Our Father Who Art...

As a child I lay my knees to rest before Thy mighty name as I do now and bare my soul asking once more – forgiveness thankful for so many blessings...

A Sense of Wonder

I begin my day with a prayer not because I am holier than others but that I need Jesus in my heart. Why? To live like He as a gift for others with a...

To Dance at Twilight

How beautiful the evening light as it descends slowly from within its former bright. No longer time to prance about nor shout out loud as it hides...

A Place for Someone

She knows because she is woman her instincts old as the hills an inheritance of the antique kind bold & beautiful until the end of time her faith...

He Who Is Sent

across the baked soil sandals worn to protect the feet of One so fine. Some called Him John the Baptist – others the Messiah come to save their souls...

God is at Work

in your heart. He wishes to train your thinking- be positive encouraging others and honest in your daily dealings. Remember to love and forgive those...


Black-capped and free you chickadee created by God in this valley all sins forgiven even those who had none- know that you have wings to soar.

Everything I Do

is all about You my Lord- from the first moment I captured this world with my earthly cries the look on mommy’s eyes must have been something to...

Our Friend Sally

Our Friend Sally Taking in washing helps with the bills as a wind freshens up her line: neighbor Hattie’s skirt flaps in the breeze - John’s pants...

These Special Times

I pause in my tale-writing and approach the sound of a murmuring voice- my wife on her knees in prayer and I linger to hear the strength in her words...

A Song for Kenny Novel (Part 8)

MISS YA LARRY, YOU TOO MOM Morning's sun was like a furnace. It wasn't very comfortable to have your face feel like a pancake on a hot griddle. Only...

Each Precious Day

I know the sun will shake off shackles of morning dew and allow its shine to pour over me. The first person I see should smile ‘cause I need that...

My Jesus

I Know my Jesus is closer than a leaf on a Trembling Aspen as He guides me down our squeaky stairs. Unsteady legs carry an unfair weight and why...


Listen to the music its notes calling- they are soothing since dad’s gone and joined an angelic choir-crew. In WW 11 he was an RCAF man challenging...

Dear Jesus

When You are near then I am strong- please allow me the pleasure of Your company and the safety of Your Being. Annoint me with the oils of redemption...

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker watches with delight in his eyes- spurts of moisture erupting from his fingertips shadows evaporating as sun begins its glow. Clouds...

I Am Jesus - a Son

I Am Jesus – a Son of a son and I know all about love because I am showered with it- mom & dad brought a baby into the world and it was Me.

I Am Jesus (2nd version)

I Am Jesus a Son of a Son and I know all about love because I was blessed with it- Mother & Father brought a first Son into the world & it...


The woods are skin to God’s gift and a spiritual journey unmasks His delight.


I read of a man who knew no bounds of love - giving to others forgiving sin healing the sick and renewing spirits. Yes - He did such favours. His...

Arise and Go Forth

So lovely the way sun’s evening light strokes tree tops with a paintbrush of bright which reflects the red & orange of Autumn bliss and a turn...


Within a scene of chaos dipped into a Sunday beach sunset sharing sky with retreating tide an ocean of wrinkles. Silence on the beach and golden...

Oh Jesus

The sky is beautiful like a wish about to explode with love and understanding - my need for you. This beach a seascape of Creation water slapping...

Feeling Alone

Feeling Alone under God’s sky is not natural in morning’s light- your spirit is expected to greet a new day. Yesterday is old new is today and if you...

Packing on the Years

I descend painfully to the 21 st bottom step one foot at a time on the stairway cautious as a butterfly scenting a buttercup- each step befriending...

Mysterious Encounter

Snow-print-shadows sought refuge from the partnership of cold and wind. He slipped into the winter creek lost a boot & sock. Foolish to test the...

I Am Not Afraid

When I see your eyes in nightly star-light abundance when demands in life challenge my mortal being and the boss not so keen when I mix up an...


He had a great opinion of himself until he saw a man nearby do something quite amazing as he went to help a wheel-chair lady all tangled up in a busy...

Jesus Christ

our Saviour who suggested strongly that fishermen lay their net in a location tried already & His words commanding meant much success in their...

Bless You Jesus

Blessings to our Jesus. He sees and knows all things & no stranger to our faults. He is also our Saviour and Protector a defender of our soul...

Safety Net

I felt the comforting hand of Jesus on my shoulder. Agony began with a headache then a painful arm from pitching yesterday. & now there is a...


God I’m lying under the Word on the grass You made so pure this day almost at end & the things I did should not have been done so glad You...

Did You See Me

Did You See Me in the moonlight as you began a journey during this evening’s sunset before it began its song? Did you meet anyone by a blue spruce...

When I See

When I See a large tree branch poking at the sky it looks like God’s finger reaching out to help birds needing a little rest- as snow clings to the...

The Prowler

A prowler in the world is really a storm of wind- at times solemn determined to drink all of the wine in your life. But today the sun brings life-...

Jesus is in Me

And no longer on the cross suffering for our sins- it is already done. We are released from what was to be and now we can live our new life one...

Give Me Lord Jesus

Give Me Lord Jesus and some of that strong faith so i can remember the troublesome journey you encountered for me – how You hung on a cross for my...


Gold and Silver rings don’t really do a thing- she always tried her best since getting into Heaven one day was her thing. She was a good Christian...


Rain left town a short while ago & sunshine bright took its place. Come & walk with me – see the drying of leaves and green sustenance for...

Listen to the Almighty

I stepped out into a garden of flowers their scent surrounding colours enchanting petals fluttering in a soft wind and I prayed- for many others who...

Life & Its Goodness

What looks like sunshine on my bed space is really moonlight from the busy nightscape that filters through a curtain beside my bed. It highlights a...

The Love of Nature

The moisture of rain is drip-doodling all over my lawn dandelions now refreshed & nurturing bees await to fulfill their role as fertilizers upon...

The First Hurrah

I know a woman whose body was full of pain but her heart held much love in spite of such a claim. She raised three children in the midst of some...