Richard & Esther Provencher worked together on many stories, posted on this site. They originally began by writing for their four children and five grandchildren. They hope you will enjoy sharing these stories with your family and friends.

They have fostered children, adopted one young fellow and are very busy in their church work. Also they are involved in community outreaches with feeding the homeless as well as visiting nursing home residents, is a treat for them. They were married March 27, 1975 in Sarnia, Ontario and moved to Truro, Nova Scotia in 1986..

Richard continues to recover from his stroke in 1999, through prayers from family, friends and the love of his precious wife, Esther.




Writing is fun. Even though our grandchildren and children are grown up, they remain young in our hearts. Through words on paper, they live again as youngsters, in adventures which re-capture our memories, and chase us through our imagination. Let us look at the world with fresh eyes one more time. (Richard & Esther)
Richard L. Provencher

A Boy and a Christmas Mother (story)

How could anyone be, sitting on a pile of snow, and not somewhere warm? His blond hair snapped in the wind.


For some reason the deer doesn't seem to be afraid.

A Christmas Gift for Jesus

Christmas music surrounded Matthew, like a magic blanket. Children and adults of all shapes and sizes hurried and shouted throughout the mall. It was...

A Christmas Gift for Jesus

Boy and animal stared at each other. Matthew knew in his heart he was to go somewhere with this creature. He quietly returned upstairs, put on boots, and warm clothes.

A Christmas Kind of Story

“Christmas is almost here and I have no gifts to give. Besides, who wants a noisy crow around? All I’m good for is making strange noises.”

A Christmas Party with --- George

Truro is one of many towns with a special tradition at Christmas time --- a hearty meal for those with limited means. It’s a chance for a community...

A Christmas Story

“Get away pest, is what I hear when I’m around other birds, with pretty colors,” moaned Caw-Caw. “And their voices sing like the joy of sunrise.”

A Day Like No Other

“Imagine being in a fishing boat, miles out on the ocean,” I repeated. “Maybe I could help you catch the biggest fish of your life.”

A Face in the Clouds - story

He felt like, ‘Son of Caveman’ walking through heavy bush; climbing mountains of rock and watching a river swirl at the bottom of this hill.

A Family Reunion (story)

The Trenholm family reunion was held again at Cape Spear near Port Elgin, New Brunswick. Relatives had come mostly from Nova Scotia, PEI, and Ontario.

A Father and Son

A father and son stood looking across Economy Lake, in a remote section of woods. It was a large body of water approximately three miles long and one...

A Few More Cookies (story)

"George, I love you." "Don't give me any of that mush, Ryan." "You're all I got left, George."


"Do you think we're going to be adopted, George?"

A Fish Tale

“Already?” Colin asked. Only two six inch speckled trout hung from his forked stick. “Hey, what about my surprise? he asked. “You promised.”

A Friend For All Time (story)

Down the stairs he sneaked, steps creaking along the way. Now he heard a muffled “HELLLPPP,” from the living room. Someone was in trouble.

A Friend Forever (story)

Looking closer Colin could see two wiggling legs. A flashlight moon streamed through the window, showing two shiny black boots.


Christmas is special. Melanie knows better than many children. Read this story and find out why.

A Gift of Love - story

Paul's dark and cloudy mood seemed to attract a few nosey seagulls. Their shrieking and his thoughts seemed to mingle together.

A Gift of Many Colours

Music on Inglis Place in downtown Truro, surrounded Matthew, like a magic blanket. Children and adults in all shapes and sizes hurried along the...

A Hunter, and Dreams - story

Yesterday about this time Matt was carrying a bucket of grain for the sheep on dad’s ranch.

A Journey of Living

He still did remember, in spite of a broken ankle, arthritis and so forth. Even good times took place during the happenings of those three-time aching moments.


Benjamin likes to visit his neighbor, an older lady. And to hear her tell stories. She's kind too.

A Laughing Matter (short short story)

“That’s a coincidence,” I said. “My nickname is Dixter.”

A Little House in the Country

Once there was a little square house on a gravel road that ended far in the woods. Mr. and Mrs. Murray did not need a large home since only 2 people...

A Long Legged Dude

“Not with my skinny big brother?” Matthew answered quickly. He liked having someone to tease, and maybe shy Travis could be his Victim today.

A Long Legged Dude (story)

“I had lots of practice,” Travis answered. “I’m the one who usually carries the heavy knapsack on our family campouts.”


A ruffled grouse now besets this majestic form. Selection for a precise location is important, for this special ritual. Now let the drumming begin.


This fantasy tale relates how the first Eagle came to the valley in one part of the forest. Such a magnificent creature.

A Prayer for Mom (story)

When mom tried to get everyone to pray with her today he couldn’t do it. What if she got sicker?

A Proud Son - story

"Shucks," he says." I ate one, two. No, three toast. I'm okay. I have to go now." And he turns to leave.


Imagine, a reindeer in someone's sink. Impossible? Not really. And it doesn't take long for Susan to find out why.

A Reunion of Kin

Shawn skipped stones from the Atlantic Ocean shore. Waiting patiently for his cousins was difficult, when you’re almost nine. "Were they coming or...

A Slice of Older Days

Ryan sits on the bench by the flower display, watching a collage of feet pass by; silver and green skirts low on thighs...

A Snake Story (137 words)

A story my son repeated at bedtime, the joy of his youth speaking to my soul. Who am I to question the innocence of his sharing,

A Son of Fred

Today is Saturday. He likes getting up early before his foster parents. It gives the morning sun a chance to wink at him.

A Song of Sanctuary

Unknown at first, this tiny bit of Heaven provides a sanctuary for a variety of birds, eagles and small animals. It will soon peel back its onion of character.

A Stroll Through Paradise

After my stroke, through prayer and support from family and friends, I know how to live. Now I shuffle along a route similar to other disabled folks, understanding the world they live in.

A Time to Play

Thank goodness our parents were unknowing of the danger we exposed ourselves to. Children often do engage in risky adventures, and this was to be ours.

A Time to Play

Thank goodness our parents were unknowing of the danger we exposed ourselves to. Children often do engage in risky adventures, and this was to be ours.


Earlier this evening, Christmas music wrapped around Matthew like a magic blanket. Children and adults of all shapes and sizes hurried and shouted throughout the mall.

A Word on the Trials of Libya - essay

Give thanks for the love and security found within your home. Now think of others in Libya, at this moment who desire such an opportunity.

A, BE, CEE...

Action is what a partridge really likes. If only this bundle of feathers was an airplane then fly-fly-flying across the lake would always be easy.

Aachoo Hullabaloo (story)

Her friends call her Hull for short. But she still often has to Aachoo.

Alpha and Omega 1 – a beginning

Birds buzzed by, their wings a symphony of ruffled feathers.

Alpha and Omega 2 - good friends

Omega’s bark reached Noah’s ark, they all came out to see. And Noah said God made us ALL each one perfect as can be

Alpha and Omega 3 - new place

“Who’s that beside Paul’s Holy Well?” Alpha asked.

Alpha and Omega 4 - island adventure

“At least swishing my little tail doesn’t threaten to upset the canoe,” Omega stated matter-of-factly.

An Author’s Day (story)

Daniel spoke about his Goldfinch. Some children told stories of their dogs. Others read poems on horses, snakes and chickadees.

And French Fries

Grandpa said a little walk around their wooded property would get them in the Christmas spirit. “Besides,” he winked, “we might even see Santa."


Then the sky became darker than a purple blanket. Susan was sure goblins and noises in the night headed right for her room. They may even use magic to fly up to her window.


"ADD" children are loveable, and this short story is about one such little fellow. Andre is special.

At Red Rock

Two sparrows shared a branch above the pebbly ocean shore. “Up, up and goodbye,” they chirped.


Each child’s ear opened wider than the ocean, not wishing to miss a word. They squirmed in their seats waiting to ask a bucket full of questions.


"Who says so?" the boy shot back. Call me a scared-cat? he thought. Sheldon was tired of people feeling sorry for him, just because he had no dad.

Being Happily Married

When I was much younger, I never thought of getting married. I was too busy playing Roy Rogers, Gene Autry or Tom Mix. Us boys were rough and tough, always thinking of rescuing damsels in distress.

Birth of a King

The donkey ambled about, restless in his demeanor, sensing something of great consequence was about to happen.

Bogeyman, Take a Hike (story)

We had an unspoken treaty. I would remain above and not tread on his territory. However, my face was now mere inches from the floor.

Boy in a Box (story)

After they got older, that kind of fun ended. Sis needed to be by herself, to have her privacy. Just like he needed some privacy right now.

Brotherly Love

"I am awake. You can be a real pest for a little brother. Besides, how come you stole all our blankets last night, Ryan?"


Children opened and slam-closed car doors. Everyone hurried to be first into the Church Activity Center. "Colin? Did you bring your games?" one boy asked.

Calling of the Loons

The morning's stillness was broken by the strange, laughing call of a loon. Colin touched his grandfather lightly on the shoulder. Their two-man tent...


It was not pleasant at home and Granddad felt a little camping weekend would be good for Colin. The boy’s eyes blurred as he looked through the binoculars. If only his parents were here to see this.

Camping is Fun

"Take a deep breath and relax,” mom said. “Now both of you get in and close the door. Mosquitoes might come in."

Cats as Friends

One of my dictionaries has a great definition for a cat: “often kept as a household pet” I prefer the definition friend, a person bound to another by affection, esteem, and intimacy.”

China & Democracy

Blogs in newspapers are very interesting. We keep comparing our lifestyle based on assets, most of which are owed through heavy debt loads. North...

Christmas is for Everyone

Their legs chased each other, sending mud splats in all directions.

Dear Reader---a Christmas Gift

This is the kind of gift I wish to impart to you.


"You must have natural sea legs," dad said. "But, don't be so particular Troy." And the boy struggled with making the correct decision.


Everything was here---what’s moving around his toes? “Ouch, that hurt,” he whispered. What else was under his blanket? He rummaged through his backpack.

Dinosaurs in my Bed? (2nd version story)

Now his backpack was hidden under the blankets. It was filled with favorite toys, games and comic books. Even “Panda” bear he had since the age of two.

Do I Have To?

"Let's hurry up Matthew," his brother said. "We still have a long way to go."

EAGLE EYES - A Mi'Kmaq Son (story)

"Yes." His mother did not ask what was in his packsack. She trusted him. “And I brought some of your “Lusginigen and beans,” he said.


How would you like to watch an eagle, zoom and zip from thermals to clouds and back again? Read the story and be part of the journey. Richard and Esther love writing contemporary stories.


Smacking lips meant happy sounds from a little boy at one end of the table. Matthew pushed his water glass away and grabbed the ketchup bottle.

Eyes and Smiles

Brother and sister And Daddy are Here too.

FACES children's story

Ever since daddy moved away mommy always washes the dishes, instead of using the dishwasher. Then she attacks the kitchen floor with a flying mop, like right now.

Father and Son

He could barely put in a good day’s work trying to shake off dealing with a ‘pushy’ boss, mounting bills, and too often ended up picking on his wife.

First One, Then Two and Three (essay)

There he goes again, now climbing the tree and showing off limberness once available me. Not now for sure, my legs unruly and unsupportive, unforgiving as I lurch from one room to another.

Footprints (s-f story)

When John-Jo's father, had his fatal accident, everything changed. Shortly after his father was placed in Mother Earth, John-Jo became a Helper.

Footsteps in the Dark

Colin hopped with excitement, one foot tripping over the other. His eyes roamed the sky. Where is Santa’s sleigh?


As Colin lay anxiously in bed, the wall clock showed 2 AM. Were those hooves on the roof? Chilled feet slowly slid into a pair of rabbit shaped slippers.

For All Mothers and Fathers (short essay)

I think it is time to nominate others and it is up to us to seek them out for special attention


"Very funny," Wish said, trying not to be upset. " was a cat. It was a huge, hairy cat. I'm calling him Shadow."


Mom doesn't like to see us fight. But we do. Then after awhile we're friends again. Sometimes brothers can be such a pain.

From a Boy's Heart

"Not my fault,” he said. “I can't seem to find anything nice to buy mom and dad." These unhappy words scurried like a garter snake across his room.

GO DADDY, GO story

Colin knew daddy was too sad to wrestle. So he went for a ride on his tricycle, wearing his magical, blue rain boots.

Gone (story)

No one noticed anything different about Colin at breakfast. It was as if he dressed like this everyday. And no funny remarks from his sister, either.

Goodness is My Name

“Goodness is my name,” the man answered. The sound of his voice was melodious, as a hummingbird’s flutter of wings. There was a hint of dryness in the stranger’s voice.

Grandma's Rose (story)

The last time he visited grandma she held tightly to his arm. She couldn’t speak but Dennis knew she didn’t want him to leave.

Hand-Touch-Crash (story)

Quick! Crawl quickly! Run somewhere. Can't, too slow. Mommy. Don't cry. I'm sorry. My eyes are really sad. Mommy, stop crying. Please.


Just the other day Sheldon reminded her dad left three years ago.


“Can I be the guide?” Andrew asked. His short legs walked proudly. He lifted his head high. He didn’t want to miss anything.

Hello Me (story)

It was too hard to yell up to these tall people. Their legs might even break if they leaned too low.

Help Me Say, No More Food

Each of us seems eager to win a gold medal, as Olympians in one of three categories: Very Amply Fit, Chubby to Love, and Look at me Momma.

Help Prevent Bullying (A Layman’s Guide)

I did not dare tell my parents I tried to hurt someone. In fact I still bear the scars today on two fingers as some kind of message.

HI SKY story

"Not yet," Sarah said. "I want to stay until the sun falls down." And before long a little girl had her wish come true.


Snowshoe rabbit prints were hasty in their scampering need to keep ahead of the hunter. Powerful back legs thrust downwards, gaining purchase on the...


Colin stopped typing a letter to his sister, Melanie. Picking a sneaker from a pile of stuff on the floor, he heaved it under the bed. There, that should sound like he’s cleaning up.

Hurry Up, Colin (story)

Leaning from his chair he grabbed a shirt, almost like picking a dandelion from their front lawn. Then he chucked it into hidden shadows under the bed. Good shot, Colin thought.

I AM ME story

To no longer run from conflict is my prayer. I am afraid. I am a coward. I am me.

I Could've Been a Birch Tree - story

It was a treat to get out and hike, camp and be provided with all equipment and facilities to enjoy our youth through busy-boy activities.

I Dance With Angels

Then a wave of sound erupted from the carnival section, swooped across the sky and entered the right side of my head.

I Remember, Mom (1921-2009)

All of us sitting around the living room listening to Boston Blackie on the radio.

I WANNA BE story

Michael knew auntie worried about everything. Ever since she and Uncle Mark began raising him and his two younger brothers, three years ago.

If Mothers Only Knew

As I enter the 68th year of life, I am reminded how much my precious mother, now deceased, meant to me.

Is Nature Important?

I believe Nature to be essential to the survival of the human race.

It Must Be Santa (story)

Theodore retreated to the closet and slipped on a pair of dad’s winter boots. Now the boy’s bare feet were warmer.

Just a Hike

Sun streamed through Andre’s bedroom window, promising a warm March day. Freckles danced and jiggled across his face. His smile was wide as the sky...


When Andre awoke he felt something special would happen today. It had nothing to do with baseball, especially since the summer season had not yet begun.

Lady Graham and Celery Sticks

My wife, Esther and I, received a phone call about Mrs. Graham one sunny day in Truro, Nova Scotia. “Hello,” our church secretary said. “A request...

Letters to a Daughter and Sons

Mom said I was a wandering child and lucky to have survived my early years.

Life is Precious

Years ago we took a train ride to visit our son in Toronto. The private suite on the train was half-price and was the first time we ever spent the money on one.


What would mommy and daddy say when Colin returned without the treasure? He had tried so hard to find it.


“Dear Great-Grandma, It's neat sitting at my desk, typing a letter to you on my new computer. Mom says you were a nice person. Such a shame I didn't get to know you.

Lost and Found

He climbed unsteadily up the edge of the ravine allowing loose rock and earth to tumble under his feet. His right foot dragged, then the left one.


When grandpa promises his grandson a special fishing trip, he delivers. Except this grandson is rather fussy, and in the meantime learns an important lesson.

Make Believe (story)

I make a happy face with red circles for eyes


To Travis, Christmas meant candy and presents. But this year he wanted something really special.

MOM SAID, NO story

Was his mom going to climb the tree? John wondered. Everyone was watching.

Mother and Baby Chick (story)

Today’s weather is perfect for a family of Loons. Their home, in a wilderness neck of land, is on the smallest bay of Economy Lake, Nova Scotia.

Mother and Son

"I knew it! I just knew it!" he exploded. "Why didn't you ask me how I might feel?" Without giving his mother a chance to answer Kenny grabbed his schoolbooks and rushed out of the room.

Mud and Water, Everywhere (story)

There’s turkey and soup and funny looking Goop.

Multiplication Boy - story

Then William listened to stories about Black Heritage in Nova Scotia. About Black writers, painters, singers and sailors.

Must Lose Weight

Listen to the sounds of a satisfying supper: slurping soup, gobbling fried chicken, absorbing the aroma of food; ah ecstasy.

MY FACE story

I draw two eyes with my sharp pencil.

My Trip to Cape Breton (story)

Now I draw a bridge crossing a small river. My pencil moves in a crooked circle. The lake is for little trout to swim.

Myrna and Her Moose (story)

The moose didn’t mind being watched each day by Myrna. He knew she meant him no harm. Everyone at school, even her parents didn’t believe she saw a moose in her back yard each early morning.


A huge Bull Moose came into view. Its broad, spoon-shaped antlers lifted above dewy grass. Cow-pie shaped hooves splashed quietly in the pond’s soft mud.


How would you like to have the Clump-a-Lumps live next door to you? Well, one little Funny Bunny decides to find out what is going on with his neighbors.


Not too far away his father's flashlight pointed into the dark like a bony finger. Colin shivered. He knew he was lost and the night was coming like a freight train.


Morning class is out. Children run, play, and call names. Their words follow me. "No Tongue! No Tongue!" Names. Names. I am not smiling.

Off the Beaten Path

When twilight crept forward, I drew strength from its ancient song.

Older Folks Cry Too - essay

There are times we, as parents, wish we would have done something different with our children. So we cry, and at the same time are very proud of what has come to pass.

Older Than 10

Edward remembered his tenth birthday party -- And I'm wearing my favorite pants. They’re camouflage for a hunter. Just Like Rambo in the TV movie,...

On My Way to the Promised Land

It is a challenge to write from the viewpoint of a person who did not suffer the sadness of being homeless. Yet the joy of writing demands it take place, in order to view their plight.

On the Right Side of Life (essay)

My route passes by a slough of murky water, good for ducks; dozens of them as they feather in flight, no time for bonding right now, only for scooting on by.

One + One = Two (story)

David began jumping around, waving his arms and chasing Robin. Some people hung out of windows, not wanting to miss anything.

ONE + ONE = TWO story

David and his new friend, Robin like the number two. After all, don't we have two legs, and two arms ... read about their adventure together.


Scott and his dad drove through the woods on Folly Mountain road. He had been worried there wouldn't be enough snow for his first snowshoe hike.

One Wish, That’s All (story)

"No!" Scott was stubborn. Besides, he was still upset about school yesterday. Some people kept calling him "Shorty," because he was the shortest boy in his class.

Overheard (short short story)

Each of us knew her father scoured mall stores for the perfect gift.

P-Perry Partridge - story

Bushy-Red was soon tired of this game. So they continued on their journey. And they kept a watchful eye for “HUSHY-Hawk.”


This time they walked across Pretty Pasture. Then they rushed past Lightning Tree. “Long ago, a crooked arrow came from the sky, “ HOOTY said. “And bent that tree.”


He had left those coyotes far behind. Now could a young buck draw from an ancient strength and run full out, for survival?

Skipping Stones

"Did ya see the sail boat? Want to see me skip a stone? Okay if I go for a swim?” asked Colin. "Can I mom? Huh?"


An old logging trail climbed up a long hill, to our destination.

Snowshoes, and a Lady

Although there was no established Cree art form, where Inuit soapstone was more established, one lone native created her own mark.

Some Call it, Friendship (re school bullies)

Danielle watched nervously. Finally, she could stand it no longer. Her voice roared like a lion, “STOP!!” The bullies looked at the brave girl then ran away.

Something New

He quickly ducked under the back porch and watched happily as the dog sped by. Then he looked around and saw a cat, large as a mountain lion staring at him.


He was an accommodating young lad, not easily fazed by undue circumstances. In fact his Mi’kmaq heritage allowed him a degree of patience and understanding uncommon for a boy of twelve.

Stroke Recovery - Comatose Condition

Is a comatose person aware of his/her condition? My personal experience states emphatically, yes I did hear everything around me, even though I could not move nor see. RLP


Elijah has eyes bright as light bulbs. And everyone calls him Sunshine Boy. The world seems a better place when he smiles. Today is no different.


"I wished upon a star. I thought that was all make-believe. But you're here. Wowee." A fantasy adventure lives within each of us.

That Face in the Clouds

"A fishing trip will be good for you," Mrs. told her son. "This is your chance to get back in the woods. So scoot." James knew his mom was right,...

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Talk (story)

“Find someone else,” Brendan almost shouted. But something told him to watch his tongue. Mom always said, “Eat your words before you say anything mean.”

The Bully (story)

Chris limped downstairs. He could smell the coffee. But he couldn't have any. It was for dad. Freckles on his face wrinkled up. It didn’t seem fair since he was almost nine years old.

The Day After Christmas

Something across the street caught his attention. It looked like a shopping bag all by itself. Perhaps it was filled with rags


“Let’s bash him! Let’s bruise him! Or even ‘SCHNOOZE’ him,” three bullies yelled.


Paul threw himself on the sand, almost hitting a rock. Some of them were quite sharp; others had pointy sides. Like spears.

THE GIFT story

"It's so sad he can’t seem to cry,” was a loud voice from downstairs. “All Robert said was, “I want to go upstairs and read my Bible.”

The Goodbye Boy (story)

He went to John's house. They had so much racing each other at the park. John was a good baseball pitcher too. No luck. No one home. How come?

The Hat Boy (story)

Soon, the room is filled with flying hats.

The Hole Story

“One day in your travels you'll come across a hole in the ground. It’s always in a particular place in the forest. Only ten year old boys seem to be able to find it.”

The Mitten Story

Then Susan began to cry. "I lost a mitten," she said. "My mom will be very sad." She began to cry again. "What will grandma say?" she asked Sally.


Help, I lost a mitten and now my hand is cold all over. Good thing a friend and two moms come to the rescue. Now, both hands are warm again.

The Paper Boy (story)

Each time Colin left a paper by a customer's door he felt bad, such sad news. How could he make some good news?

The Pirate

"Hurry up, "I'm getting eaten alive." Pesky deer flies took turns munching on the boy.


How can I tell mom I'm afraid of the new dog next door? His name is Ace and he's mean looking.

The Secret of Praying

We know how much praying has been tossed about, too often as an afterthought.


Most boys are able to play baseball. Not Bradley, whose blond hair keeps blowing in the wind. Some boys are able to play hockey. Not Bradley. He’s happy just to get out of the house.

The Surprise - 1 - a mini story

Friday evening is always special for the Simms family. Zack, Tibbie, and Tot with mom; their weekly time to window-shop together.

The Swirls of Life

After a short banter, since the wind was severe on my weathered face, I moved on. My usual path led me down Prince Street to a bench in front of the Post Office.

The Tree

The boy decided to rest in the crook of this branch. By now he must be 75 feet in the air. A rabbit below seemed to be going in a circle, causing the boy to felt dizzy.

There Are Friendships

Zack always seemed to be waiting for someone. Like dad leaving last year, whose letters dried up like autumn leaves.

Time to Chuckle

Little did I know a fishing day years ago would provide such a memory. “If only I had a camera then,” my wife said about the occasion.

Time to Mow the Garden

I remember when our family owned bragging rights to the tallest asparagus stalk in town. It grew to a height of about five feet, and we treated it...


"Sharp edges were worn down by friction," Uncle Larry said, passing it around. "Think of how many years it must have tumbled back and forth with the waves to get to this stage."

TROY LOVES HIS DADDY storybook for ages 5-8

Once more Troy kissed his sleeping daddy's cheek. Tonight Troy left "Teddy" curled up with his father.

UGG...YAAK children's story

They watched quietly as Matt cut the second fish, from neck to tummy. Then he placed his thumb inside and pulled the insides out.

Uncle Jack (story)

He never bragged, nor painted stories of glory about him getting a football record for carrying the ball for six touchdowns in one game.

Under the Surface

I left the thunder of early morning and descended into the bowels of our community copper mine, back in 1962, excited over my first full-time job as...


A “Hush” of warning entered his brain, as he spotted suspicious movements. About a hundred yards away, a Vulpes slunk into view, gracefully dancing around what must be a newly discovered scent.

We Are City Slickers

How interesting it is to be part of a small ranch operation, although 40 acres is a lot of work. I never realized there is so much to do and how everyone must do their share.


Listen, a hissing. It's that sneaky snake sound again. Good thing my friend Joe, had the ears of a mongoose.

When Eagles Soar

"You are Mi’kmaq my son. Your heart is Native, no matter what your skin speaks. Kisu'lk weswalata, our Creator took him," his mother says."


A father and son tent overnight in order to spend time together and figure out dad's next move. Should he separate from his wife or not? His son is anxious for the answer.

WHeN MOmY CriEs (9-11 story)

I’M a biG girl now. But Momy says l can’t buy bread at the store by myself. Not any more. Because my dady is gone away.

When Shadows Come (story)

Melanie thought she heard something too. But she didn't want to frighten her brother. It sounded like voices on another floor.


From the pond beyond the trees, chuckling sounds rose and fell across the sky.


How many have left the warmth of a home, then within a short period of time trudged for hours hunting that elusive rabbit. I did. After I wrote this story, I began using a camera instead.


"You were very brave," Uncle Larry said. But Joe knew better. It was Jesus who gave him strength on this church outing.

Whose Turn to Mow the Garden?

Gardening is like having your toes tickled. Once you get the touch, you want more. It’s really fun.


The ocean is also under assault and in much estimation truly the last frontier. During the week of July 30, 2003 17 dead whales were swept ashore in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Why is Perry Hiding?

“You must get a haircut. Tomorrow,” mom said yesterday. “Your mop needs a trim.” Now tomorrow was today. What to do?

Wolf and I

The challenge was that I did not know what the wolf intentioned. Perhaps he was just following me for fun; the calling of a hunt spurring him into...

Your Grandma, My Wife

Her demeanor is one of fairness, of love and caring for her fellow citizens on this earth.

Your Grandma, My Wife (80 words)

Her demeanor is one of fairness, of love and caring for her fellow citizens on this earth.

“B” is for Brave

He was tired of getting tripped when he tried to escape. Even getting 'bopped' on the head. So he had to be a real fast runner.


On a clear-sky late morning, in fact almost noon, there is excitement in the air. Lunch is waiting. Working at the Home for Aged in Petrolia, has its...


At 6 am a jogger wearing a blue track outfit, huffs past a Victorian house with green-gabled trim, waves to a paperboy leading his terrier, skirts a...

Do I Have To?

"Travis, I asked Matthew to get some bread for lunch. It would be nice to give your brother some company. Also give you a break from your computer...

Foster Cat

"I wish I could have a rest," Wish whispered. The boy’s curly hair danced in the wind. And young muscles ached from carrying moving boxes. Mom’s...

Thank You For Me

When I wake up my eyes look for mommy. Then my arms throw off my blanket. It becomes an airplane flying across the room. SMACK! right against the...