POETRY - A Passage of Motion 3

More poems from Richard L. Provencher, Truro, Nova Scotia. Writing is fun, eh?

Richard and Esther are married since March 27, 1975. They have four children and five grandchildren. Blessings to all readers. RLP

A Bay Called Cobequid

I focus upon winter's lingering stare

A California Sunset

resistance as knuckled silhouettes

A Cool Wind

shivers across ranch pastures, teases arthritic bones and shares pain regardless of beauty beyond the Hungry Hills, where grizzlies --- two of them...

A Cree Maiden

I quietly cheered her stubbornness never mind the boozy intake I’m sure she guzzled more

A Crust of Bread

a rustle of feathers not one to miss the lure of treats a huge crow begins chanting

A Deliberate Notion

Analyzing taking place until the media decides your maximum patience.

A Delicate Turnover

The tree without bark shone in the sun’ could easily change to

A Downtown Pub

Some can't down a glass fast enough

A Feast of Delight

When they investigate robin is waiting

A Long Line

An ancient path leads across borders, states and hidden sloughs where a fury of sound awaits, hunters in suits of deceit

A Long Time Ago

brook trout and sweet smells of summer calling

A Mystery

the shock of knowing a birth-child could be so beautiful

A Natural Covenant

Blades of grass as sentinels in the parlour of a new season

A Natural Foliage

A fallen leaf belongs with its mother as others do on the branch each aware of height and its long way down -- none wish to roam those unknown paths.

A Natural Matter

For now the nocturnal chase is held at bay an owl holding on anxious for the hunt

A Poem of Spring

chasing each other’s feathers

A Poet

dreams shattered overcome by an angel’s wing

A Rhythm on the Sidewalk

and I pause, absorbing cigarette smells like lurid chatter in dark alleys, eyes restless for action

A Roaring River

precisely parallel to each other’s bank -- like a girdle of rules.

A Senior Day

the old age cheque is in

A Snarl of Sunset

as feathers are shuffled cries in the night bolder with the hunt

A Soliloquy

and the moon remains aloof yet prepared to do its part

A Summer Feast

crowns of glory, guardians in the night. A plethora of ancient myths.

A Sundown of Enchantment

The loss of daylight tingles with showers of radiance, a soft lavender splash warming trees and fields an edge to God's smile, peaceful aside...

A Swim in Sentiment

Yet tormented people are not diminished, their lives a testament of struggle within

A Time From Long Ago

wondering later about that word knowing we had a boxful in momma’s junk drawer in the kitchen

A Train to Montreal

a repetitious journey across miles of pasture trees clumped in shades of branches

A Tribute

hard to forget times and bombers returning to Command filtered with Ack-Ack fire

Across the Line

It was the neighbours who needed the loot to pay bills and food and-and too much more needed

Affairs of December

comes down like flatulence seeking destination.


mating and chewing sleeping then anxious for sun’s warmth upon their hides

Alberta 9-11

The car chases broken lines like an arrow, asphalt smooching with his tires.

Alley of Discontent (revised)

the closeness of my being the revelation of my existence

An Innocence

fierceness evaporating a meal of spruce

Anger Unrestrained

Later in the news of tomorrow’s ink an inevitability of circumstances is shouted from the tallest limbs

Another Rung in Life

he becomes a person with teenage fingers dancing with excitement respite from the iPod

Arkansas of Interest

Crocheted among skyscrapers and parking garages

As a Thief

buildings crumble and windows break

As I Count to Ten

warmth like the sun that whisked against my face today

At Moose Bay

uncomfortable yet the lure of the moment

At the End

bugles played drums pounded

Autumn Flight

In the confusion and riding lake's chilly crest, a Mallard lays in rocking stillness.

Baby Blue Eyes

words startling balance upstanding on his own even holding a spoon upside down --


In spite of the gambling cards and booze she loves him

Back Upon a Time

Each day early am found us seeking the sun under the glare of moon---too early for light

Ball and a Lick

Little boy of energy mom glad she had him dad ran out years ago now just her and the little one

Bedouin Blues

throaty calls, eager for a race through the desert


the rasp of an antler against bark of trembling aspen

Being an Outsider

Whispers at the office fountain are always without you

Better Than Rice Cakes

petals sustaining the energy you crave

Between the Pages

from the far side of the bay undulating calls from a loon add accent to the day

Beyond the Net

the love of it the joy of it

Beyond the Sunset

brought tears to my eyes a human trait once forgotten

Big Island Merigomish

clams and stones the colour of smoothed-out glass

Bird Down

crows grieve chickadees flirt with worry


enjoying the colours from unmasked sight

Border Town

"Du lait, du pain et du gateau, s'il vous plait."


Back then destination’s goal a stretch of bulrushes shoots of cat-tails calling.

Bread for Momma

a little kick at a clump of mud and off flew a piece of paper, a five dollar bill

Bronte Park

reflecting the good life


But I am unafraid as I linger no longer in the depth of despair


the thought of landing on any party of our body – revolting.


anger -- searching for answers -- awaiting entry into this world. A baby

Buy Me

ancient legs cautious varicose veins colouring the view

Can’t Figure Out

Jacuzzis and million dollar trappings with wrap-around decks

Catching the Wind

I wish to possess such strength and intimidate bullies who overcome my shadow


No cares not afraid of the cops doesn’t really break the law just bends it

Chasing the Spirit

each step groaning across another block


noises piercing to older ears yet a musical tome to parents in exuberant pride

Cliffs at Joggins

scraping greedily at rocky cliffs, uncovering scraps of memory birthed by evolution


morning sun with laughter in the rain


Why are you bringing such a coolness to this place in the forest

Conversation With The Wind

Why are you too quiet when that same sun breathes fire on me


as feathered forefathers once stood in awe


We rise above the occasion ankle deep in the turmoil always alert for the fall


his special spot where once he came as a pup lost and afraid to challenge anyone in the pack


then it continues -- bombings air battles, tanks men fierce in their pride

Dancin’ Some Mor’

the whole plan of it somethin’ else on her mind

Destiny and the Mind

He’s anxious to join in regardless of the childhood of his entrapment their tolerance strained

Destiny in the Mind

His lips create upside-down phrases that climb the wall like a reverse waterfall, dementia holding on tightly -- he sits quietly in the room staring...

Do Not Forget

I am the forerunner of my inheritance.

Doggy Dog Here

A new trend among adults – pets more than likely doggies on the menu, preferably smaller types

Don’t Allow

teeth that glow in the dark in white

Drawbridge Inn, Sarnia

Our waitress brings coffee, a welcome lull

Ducks are

Cradled within the beauty of circumstances – a tragedy


The day began with the sun wrestling for attention in the crisp of air

Dyke Lake, Nova Scotia

cottages abandoned during the week, alive again


No, not a meaningless collection of words---Weather? Politics? Aha, that’s it

Early morning

trucks belching past neighbours on their way to some necessary activity


to create a parallel dynasty


a butterfly

Eyes Can See

It scars the landscape with good intentions

Eyes of Fire

My stalking observes movement the way you view a mirror.


and we stare with eyes as huge magnifying glasses

Fallen Snow

releasing it to sky in flight

Family Connections

The sky releases musical notes, a chorus ascending as footsteps from a loon, hurling echoes to its mate, audience of sun blinking one last peek,...

Father and God

Amen, oh Holy One.


coughing caution as it prowls

Feather and Frustration

Among the larger pile of feathers I prefer mourning doves who serenade me with their woes

Feet Stepping

Did a pause during his stride cause wonder at sky allowing artifacts familiar on ocean’s path?

For Daddy’s Loving Eyes

so does a man for his son. Little tyke, comfortably nestled in daddy’s arms, asleep, coughing fit at rest

For Joe

Caught the bug he did that woodsy moments can be a respite a gift from God---a Divine Plan.

Free Spirit

friends standing by are shocked at the revelation, the change and he is changing

Friendly Indeed

Mistress moves too quickly across the rug floor, trips over the hassock, spills tea.

From Far Away

I have no one he intoned tears grabbing his breath.

From Loving Parents

life not so simple today

From My Rented Cabin

dock creaks, birds sing evening bids a farewell smile

From PEI

the shame of it all

From Scar to Promise

and I heard his echoes of pain. Hiding among rocks below ---I wept

Get Out

Hurry-hurry get washed dressed then eat while ears assailed the world is waiting with further items to digest

Giddi-up Gramps

cusp it try it legs no longer rubbery

Good Ole Farm Days

Our childhood swam in that creek after chasing cows feeding pigs

Got a Little

just the way my wife turns a corner in her tight jeans

Green or Blue?

Both wished for a friend and now each has one

Hartland Bridge, New Brunswick

listen to thumping tires in their race over this river, once pure for healthy gulps laying on belly

Herring Cove, Nova Scotia

Squirrels scurry, anxious for breakfast

He’s a

Once he too shared life’s divine using cutlery shiny in its newness a table set for four and wife lovely and the two of them causing love to run wild

How Many Times

bombers returning with spatter and not all from mechanical parts

How Time Flies

a chance to teach the one he once was and about the love he grew to accept passed down each living day.


we know she’ll be back in the morning of our awakening mid-night shift tired from waitress duties

I Am a Fish

I do seek respect in each current flow with fins so sleek and strong.

I Dream

Billy has to get eats at the Food Bank and he’s shy about that – sometimes I go with him

I Hide

and one for the blood rivulet which once roared like a river thinning as gruel

I See Her

her world is freedom-land a place where dirty toes and unkempt hair play a flute

I Thought

Morning pills are popped aching legs climbing steps one and one and two

I Used to Dream

ride those fast cars roaring after bad guys

I Want to Step

the rituals of child delight are without bounds and I do create a fun world I left behind

I Weep

cries left unheard---as fathers move on

If Only

when life is a bowl and everyone wears smiles instead of spite


shines through creates a sun-dance

In a Roundabout Way

those who felt the slings of pain and lack of health -- their bodies barely able to endure the pain.

In Memory of…

when I am gone there will be a few who lament

In Potter’s Field

And now this body I do lay at rest a soul joined with others who once led beneath the maple trees

In the Butterscotch

Getting up in the morning is the first step following the rules of life secondly

In the Morning

Eeyore the donkey not yet shrieking his usual song of morning glory.

Inside a Better Part of Life

I can see space where a horse views his world from a fenced in area to become a place of habit

Is It Possible

As her eyes slide sleepily mimicking moon’s midnight pause its brightness lighting our path

It’s 2am

The neighbourhood a veil of stillness before the shifting rain

It’s More Than Poetry

The dawn is what makes me smile a wild heart stilled like a whispering shadow.

Just a Few

used to be around 20C summertime now replaced with scorchers phew hot hot hotter at 35C

Just Hanging On

Beholding these images my fingers struggle to hold on

Just Looking (StoryPoem)

Unless one plans meticulously they may not accomplish what they set out to do—

Keeping Monsters at Bay

jugular ribbons of white streaks a cacophony of crescendos

King Street

leapfrog over Subway wraps and cigarette butts that no one seems to notice


the way you look at me the way you swing those hips

Lady Gaga

the Lady is on fire

Let the Kettle Sing

a voice from my dear one as an echo


I am proud to be like you Dad.

Like a Fire

thrusting at barrier walls in an attempt to still angry waters

Little Worlds

rivulets gather in pools of splendour

Look at Me

except I am part of terra firma a native son

Man on a Journey

the right lady will come along someone to soothe his sorrows.

Mangy Dog

The cat is alert to deathly smells. Awakens from a barnyard drowse. Listens ears peaked

Maringouin (poem)

shivering under the weight of three worn out people thankful to be alive

Mattatall Lake

I am the shadow which lurks at water's edge.

Memories, Hartland NB

innocent to gasoline fumes shouting defiance at the freshness of each night


an angry remark becomes a nest of offenses tearing the membrane of your mind

Moments to Cherish

words are believed for their purity, stirring hearts, an “I love you mom”

Momma Knows Her Boy

the way she tucked him into bed with a kiss, then seeing him off to school next day

Momma's Little Man

The way she dressed him little boy in short pants and gray tam way back then, the food she fed porridge and toast now unfamiliar to most – today is...

Moose River, Nova Scotia

Around the bend ripples overcome a bridge of stone. Aware of my presence a squirrel skitters upwards.

Mosquitoes (short version)

Clambering ashore we breached a spit of swampy land.

Mother’s Day 2012

A mother is warm as a cloud

Move Along, Please

ach step groans across another block, two bags of donated clothes heavy

Muddy Waters

waist slimmer than a toothpick and feet as row boats. She could even see mud in the mirror


a jiggle a wiggle and twisting on the floor

New Scents

from Yorkshire they came, on ships of distant passion sails unfurled, adults eager for change

No End in Sight

just enough for a Mac burger without the taxes

Ocean's Walkabout

a tidal swoop of slaps sweep-sweep-slap

Ocean’s Across

As I look across the sky I see myself gathering love in a basket --

Oh Christmas Tree

old faithful friend we watch with envy

Oh My Goodness

I cannot tear away too soon from wisdom staring back at me --

Old Elvin Dropped By

tractor needs fixin’ great grandson Jody handling his insulin problems well

Old Man Peeking

two crows huge on a stripe of choicest limb

On Grant Blvd

Far away, a love awaits and I remember –

On This Side of Heaven

the glitter -- crinkle of new bills and the roar of an engine

Once Upon a Time

and the loons departing as it came sifting through muddy waters as a ship of yore

One Day

He burped into the mystery of life

One More Gift

Fred nodded as he bit into the last of an A&W burger, smacking lips and pawing his beard with greasy fingers.

Open Doors and Good Livin’

sky tossing under layers of clouds autumn leaves chasing winter. Rain threatening on a picnic day.

Our 3 Crosses

in the morning the sun is shining

Our Emily (story)

I draw pretty flowers and paint them with nice smells

Our Neighbours

papa toils for enough to get by

Outside Home

while below their natural flow we whine in our delight at life

Overcome the Moment

Peeking from curtain’s edge other sights massage my view neighbour kid bouncing his basketball

Paper, a Piece of

Oh-oh, what is that I perceive across my view? A balled-up sheaf of paper diminished by muscle


can’t wait to show off back-to-school purchases Grandpa hurrying to attend the celebrations


who lives where and what time they return to the cave of their abode

Perceived Beauty

Working at various jobs caused muscles to grow into bragging rights

Phew Go Away

yet I do linger---she’s my sister and once before she flipped her finger at this disgrace


cars fast-tracking tires on avenues of asphalt speed -

Points of View

we are adults who wish to surmise to pontificate

Portuguese Cove

Pictou’s shore a bedlam of harbour activity


to hoist a glass share a plate mow the lawn and kiss my wife

Racing Car Driver

how else to make it to Hamilton in time for spaghetti supper at 5 pm?


I stoked his confusion with arrows of penetration –

Red Bird – a Cardinal

I wish this day with its stillness new can exhibit my life upon the trill of my calling voice.

Red so Bright

I leap and flit one branch to another


trawlers prowl for ocean’s catch


a heavy-duty plow is lathering forward

Rose Bay - Nova Scotia

foghorn blasts in the bay

Rural Moments

where the world is not complicated

Sandy by Name

scuttling back and forth from an historic storm-front

Seashore’s Anvil

from seashore’s anvil we see the breakers nose into the force

Season’s Change

fringes of crystal embroidery

See and Feel a Presence

snow piling-up in creative urges around my car

See Me

I claim the bark from a Shih Tzu

Shared Notions

legs laced into links of love

Shutter the Wind

a big one on the way. Last week 85 mm in twelve hours-- took a good look at the parched land and soaked it through to China

Side Pocket

I don’t want the morning to come too soon. You know me and my pain -- the stroke the drugs the whines and crawling on the floor to get a cup of...

Skylight Pounding

scene of beauty resisting as it lingers one slice at a time

Sleepless Night

the way of your smile touch of lips a hand on mine

Slices of Light

meaningful yet we strive for something special. And as we ascend the stars in our staring the openness above comes alive --


heads tucked into snowfall’s flavour---their slicked feathers acting as a funnel

Small Town Hiccups

I knew your background people


only worry at hospital removing shards -- connecting bones

Snow Falling--

the day just beginning


following. Back to the present, there are tasks a-waiting in the house, calls to make, vacuuming, dishes, and---and

Some Bread for Momma

Words that wound keep spinning inside his head. Poor boy nothing but a poor boy. Words do hurt. Not his fault so little to eat since dad passed away...

Some Comparisons

traveling salty waters in search of supper

Some Kind of Reason

the city where evil grows and dreams lost before beginning

Something For the Pain

The IV gave off a hospital look nurse coming in often to check his credits BP okay, drip doing fine

Sometimes Precious

need a meal that voice said at the doorway back of the house


I tune in to the twinkle in your eye watching me from the corner of the room

Sparrows and Others

Am I worth more than a sparrow?


crave the sky in jealous abandon pin-pricks to lightning rods titillating as awkward moments in time hurrying to gain attention diamonds and glare of rebound we see white spots among

Street Kid

no daddy with shiny car nor iPod nor plasma TV to share

Summer Wind

paddle piercing arm muscle eager for the thrill of man vs nature

Sun in Roundabout Sorrow

and now she’s gone away. I see her now and then hair orange and blond and-- sorry these eyes of mine like a waterfall

Sunset Soon Down

shifting forest limbs wind’s melody like the swoop of a bat


a sustaining of one’s will and jealousy to protect the fruit of attainment

Tags are

Growing up angry wasn’t anything childhood had planned

Tags Are Cool

the victims not really amused while perps glory in their creative moments

Tell Them

where bandits like to prey on bosoms and pretty faces

The Alley of Discontent

a revelation of my existence and attempts to gain an upper hand

The Author of Second Chances

Distress led to death enemies overwhelmed him

The Big Sky

in spite of rainstorms or lingering typhoons from exotic hideaways

The Blind Man

And I wonder at the quality of those pencils – will the lead break easily how much did he pay for them

The Blue Jay

a bird of wisdom and beauty

The Calgary Zoo

a stream of folks coming alive at the click of a key

The Chickadee

no cares to wear him down doesn’t matter what speed he shares or friends he has

The Cold

Snow arrives in the pit of nightfall blossoms upon the landscape

The Joy of Memory

memory muddy as a scar on a clean surface the only sign

The Living Outdoors

rain sprinkling, a continuous pounce

The Night

can’t wait back to working with the masses and take my mind off the strain

The Other Side

the cut of your clothes haircut and the thickness of wallet too often determining a future

The Pact

them passing around items that caught his attention. Can I see? he asked

The Present

Loves to see them shine after the kitchen sink soapin’ and sudsin’

The Rain

duty-bound to herd sheep and corral them into protection as crackling bolts arrive

The Sidewalk

a skateboarder climbing sidewalk’s edge -- activity in frenetic supply

The Sky

a beacon for daylight’s pause from journey to

The Snow

then melting into rivulets of scattering claims

The Touching

as in teenagers the kiss of youthful delight

The Trash Can

Today’s city is a mirror of similar intentions

The Usual Please

passes a ten gets change sits down eyes searching for others

The Victim

not so an apparition counters until his remains are returned

The Washing

overcoming the cliff to asunder below

The Way Home

I am changeable as a young lover remembering last night's rush of hope.

The Wayward Child

a joint or two for enlightenment where rules are flayed

The Wind

Duck paddle propels me away from the island and back to the safety of shore’s shallow edge.

The Woods

wolves on the prowl trees stretching for a suntan

The World

I see Sun’s delightful chant, of sleepy sky and starlight friends in full view.

The World Went

my talons clutching whatever is left of my years

Their Laughter

The birds are my friends each day and right now they flit along---a few chirp and some simply flirt back and forth across my path.

These Feet

Teen years caused feet to soar above beach balls and soccer from childhood to young adult at a hurried pace of sodas to young love.

Thirsty with Love

booze – girls and skinny in the late of light lake shimmering---love in the air

This World

In the twilight of our years friends seem to pop off like balloons at an afternoon pace.

Those Red Studs

A snake tattoo moves along the dip of her hips gift for my boyfriend she whispers --

Tiger Stadium, USA

a crowd of winos no baseball excitement in their eyes --

Time and Movement

a speedway with dew worms scrambling

Timing is Everything

a glass of water or a piece of toast sharing your best method of intentions

Today a Lady

And what will her children say of the mom they once loved?

Today I

My garden of hope extends to all those who wish freedom and love –

Today is September

Dogs slumber within familiar sounds. I marvel at the stillness.

Today the

war is declared illegal disharmony among family members no longer acceptable

Too Fast and Furious

not so hot being 13 and too easy with boys & such

Tree of Life

I see a comparison with these feathered flurries

True Friends

master at his side a trail to follow

Twilight Eyes

now clouds wither into nightfall trees cloaked in silhouettes loon’s heralded as a soliloquy

Two Mourning Doves

beaks pecking at each other in hungry movements feathered bodies shifting for balance


one with hope one with joy with an erasure to wash away old desires

Wagon Wheels

grateful to view possibilities in adventure anxious to explore


ligament damage replaced by a wedge of arthritis


an empty pop can here a discarded butt there

Washing Dishes

She ponders the memories from back then as she raises a glass to test its sparkle

Water Pools

from the corner of the acreage a deer bends to drink -- rejoice

Water Trickles

We prize ourselves with convenience a turn of tap rush of facet’s current for a bath

We Are Dancers

a bushel full of living---fishing for lobster / cutting wood during winter’s delight

We Haven’t Been

climbing snow banks singing -- no one to know no one to care but I did.

Weather Watch

clinging to willows as icy bark

Welcome Home Dad

the war---the war did things to him she began to sob

Wheelchair Romance

we met at the corner of patience, her love of life determined to grasp what was left

When a Child

Words are like shallow trenches

When Aboriginals Were Natives

no electricity no plumbing outhouses as bad as can be

When I Dance

Something about a walk in the forest---always on my mind

When I See A Rainbow

a pot of gold at each bottom of distant arcs --

When I was a Birch Tree

I was more than a fist with iron in my demeanor

Where is Hubby

she sits on the edge of her dreams when both of them counted stars from their backyard

Why So Sad

your pussy cats are watching over you

Windswept as Morning Scent

a side dish of quahogs, crab legs and stones in captured colour


cheek to cheek we admire the gentleness of Autumn’s blanket


a busy wind keeps company so he may finish the task

Words & Thoughts on Pause

I gather in my nerves afraid of the tomes that invade my senses.

Working For the Man

sulphur gas fumes and 3000 F copper adding flavour to the menu---northern Quebec 1962

…Along About September

cowering silently in the mist wishing this seeping cold would disappear soon

This Tide of Ocean (2)

slaps more than forty laps of choppy current against a pebbly shore adopting a collection of fish nets sea weed - planks of driftwood and families of...

A Windy Afternoon

feels like a tidal movement of crops as waves startled by a long distance push begun hours ago relentless in bully tactics - racing across sand dunes...