Heat 4 Results

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Heat 4 Results

Heat 4 Results


[3G 3S 0B] 24: The Last Days Of The Bee Hummingbird

[3G 0S 2B] 5: A Heroine Named Malala

[2G 3S 0B] 12: Malala

[2G 1S 3B] 23: Universals

[2G 0S 0B] 21: Callous Parallels


[1G 5S 0B] 17: Uisge Beatha

[1G 1S 2B] 16: Poignant Ice Tribute To Titanic Victims (Belfast, 21/10/12)

[1G 1S 1B] 13: Vigil

[1G 1S 0B] 1: Police Officer Killed By Train

[1G 1S 0B] 11: A Girl (Malala Yousufzai)

[1G 1S 0B] 20: The American Nightmare

[1G 0S 2B] 14: If Not for You

[1G 0S 2B] 15: Fibel

[1G 0S 2B] 22: Rise Again


[2S 1B] 19: Which Survives?

[2S 0B] 7: Cuts That Won’t Heal

[1S 3B] 4: Interplanetary Communication

[1S 2B] 2: Baby Elephant Rescued From A Water Well In Kenya, 18 October 2012


[2B] 18: Plebs On Parade

[1B] 8: Dracula's Irish Blood

[1B] 9: 5:14 PM


10: I'd Be Lying