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Rotherham Council

Publicised for the ridiculous decision to tear three children out of the home of foster parents with an unblemished record of care, Rotherham Council and its pathetic Labour party refuse to comment.
What's good about this story is that, even a few months ago, this would have gone unnoticed as just another failure of department heads' judgement.
However heinous the actions of Jimmy Savile, he has effectively opened a can of worms so huge that all those with form are hurriedly trying to cover their tracks, for what it's worth, and (who knows?) even make amends.
Savile's legacy may be strewn with the suffering of those children who he came into contact with but it's clear that amends are starting to be made by those that allowed his reign of terror to go on for so long.
Rotherham is all alone in its beliefs that it acted fairly but ministers from all parties are united in their opinion that this was a politically correct step too far.
The foster parents were Labour supporters but had recently changed to Ukip and this may be the devil in the detail, but to imagine that personal grudges can get in the way of extremely vulnerable children for whom the council is entrusted to care goes to show just how unaccountable and messed up the system has become.
A call for an independent body to monitor fostering and adoption is needed.
It should also be noted that each time a child is taken out of one home and waits to be placed into another, the council are the recipients of serious money. If a child stays put where he/she is happy, no extra money needs to be spent. Budgets and each individual case needs to be monitered to stop the blood-sucking system from taking advantage of the most vulnerable people on the planet.
The stupid, ignorant woman in charge of Rotherham child care should be sacked in the correct way and never be allowed to work with children again. That sort of action would make others in positions of power think twice about who they try to meddle with.

Well said Blighters.


johng There are bad apples in every barrel. Far too many of them and the investigative press are doing an excellent job in bringing these things to light. At least nowadays we are hearing about these things and many are beginning to get their deserts. No sectiomn of society has been left untainted Social workers, The Police. MMembers of Parliament, Entertainers, Business men. The clergy doctors and nurses, care workers. Perhaps surprisingly few journalists (Me being cynical again) aand many more. Of course they shouild be hunted down and punished but let none of us forget for all the bad apples there are hundreds of thousands of good apples in all these jobs. Caring loyal conscientious people who daily go out of their way to help us often with little or no reward. Excessive control and bureacracy hamper their efforts and political correctness prevents them from doing their job properly. I stand to be corrected but I believe it is still the case that a Social Worker suspecting a problem is not allowed to enter a persons home if they refuse permission. I do know that a police officer cannot do so unless in hot pursuit of a criminal, if he has reason to commit a crime is being committed, for which he must later justify his actions or with a warrant. Why do we tie peoples hands so. I am all for the rights of the individual but I think it high time the individual thought about his responsibilitides to others. No law abiding person should have anything to worry about. As far as the Rotherham children are concerned perhaps the council will find them a nice home with a couple of drug taking alcoholics that vote for the right party.


Totally in agreement with you, Blighters Rock. Rotherham Council needs to be thoroughly investigated and all those responsible for the twisted PC decision to remove the children from their foster parents should be sacked--with out any benefits! I only hope that the children survive the trauma of this shocking experience without too much damage. Well done Blighters Rock for starting this forum.