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See it can happen

I'm not keen on Hollywood bullshit or 'film stars' (although I like De Niro). But it was the writer's back story that I thought was worth flagging.

Oscars 2013: Matthew Quick interview for Silver Linings Playbook


Maybe there is hope for us all. I'm a complete film nut so will be up all through tonight watching the Oscars ( yes, I know its sad! ).Lots of coffee should see me through....


I think its going to an american "love in" tonight. Agree with Argo, thought it was great. So, best film, we've got Zero Dark thirty, about how America tracked down public enemy number one. Argo, about how America got out their hostages. Lincoln, about the greatest American president that ever lived. Django Unchained, about a black American slave who gets revenge on just about everyone. Silver linings Playbook, about an American suffering from bipolar trying to win his wife back. Of course it could end up with Les Mis? No...


Add to that the 70-something erstwhile nobody who wrote the King's Speech. Can't remember his name. (I know you all know but what you don't hear about is the 30-something that wrote two duds, then wrote a third which failed as well and then he gave up writing and just lived out his days as a 'normal' human being (perhaps he took up fishing and/or bowls) stoically bearing up to all of life's petty tribulations without that phantom buoyancy that the chimaeric hope for publication confers.)