A quick-ish research question

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A quick-ish research question

Hi, I am doing some research, within the scope of a wider project, into people's individual 'social representation' of the words 'spiritual' and/or 'spirituality' - so, my question is: 'How do you define each word or at least one of them?'

Please don't think too long and hard about it - just what comes into your head in the spur of the moment would be great. I'm not sure I'll get any response on this, but even one answer/response of any kind would be fantastically helpful. Thank you. (P.S. The ever cooler and more sophisticated functionality on this site is astounding, plus the content of course. On each of my occasional visits here, I get more impressed. I'm not being cheesy.)

god the devil and somewhere in between...


By 'spiritual' I think of the things to do with the non-materialistic, the part of each of us that does ot die with this body, and that can have communion with the unique, creator Spirit, God. He has  also created spirit servant, angels, some of whom rebelled under their leader, Satan, and will be fully punished one day.

'Spirituality' I think of as giving attention to the needs of your spirit.



Spiritual to me means not of this world. but a metaphysical world outside of our understanding.  Spirituality for me means trying hard to understand the metaphysical. 






non-materialistic non-explainable but still knowable - but without any religious connotation.