Introduction to my Epic Story

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Introduction to my Epic Story

Dwellers Of The New World took me

many years to write, and set me out on

a great adventure which proceeded the

first story: The Chosen Ones.


I tried to create a fiction that would take

the reader into another realm of existence,

leaving behind the reality of our world.


I wanted to embark on a journey into the

unknown, taking my characters with me

and leaving the reader mesmerized.


There was never going to be a chance of

getting this story published, so as I put

Dwellers on abc tales many years ago,

I thought it was about time I revived it

for a new audience of readers.


So I've gone back over this epic tale

editing and linking the story, so that

now the reader can explore at leisure.

I hope readers enjoy.


Dwellers of the New World Prologue | ABCtales