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When 'i' am writing prose 'i' generally hate writing in the first voice because IIII seems to be to conceited or something like that but recently 'i' have noticed that more and more books out there are written in the first voice, so maybe it's ok to write in the first voice. I reckon the first voice is the easiest *if thats the right word* to write in. 'The life of pi' is first voice and every second line is ''I went to the shop i done this and done that'', but it seems there is a big market for the first voice anyone got any views on this.

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why dont you try work from different views and then see which you feel the most comfy with. Your right though, now you come to mention it - first voice is popular... but I find it leaves a lot out of the story. Look at 'Harry Potter' if that had been written in first voice - or 'Lord of the rings' what a boring story that would have been... Jan
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