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A Canadian actress and playwright has been charged with holding a technical support member hostage after losing her internet connection.

Carol Sinclair lost her connection with ISP Aliant and, by her own account, spent days trying to get the line fixed.

"I was polite the first 20 times I talked to them. But each one gave me the same routine: 'Is the modem connected? Are the lights blipping?'," she told The Globe and Mail.

"And then each one would say: 'It should be working. The problem must be with your computer.' I was a little stressed. I had six days to do a month's work."

Finally Sinclair said she resorted to impersonating a man's voice and got a repairman sent out the next day, a "huge, strapping young man", 21 year-old David Scott.

Sinclair said that when he couldn't fix the problem she asked him to stay until a second technician was sent.

However, local police disagree with the woman's version of the events.

"She told the technician, in a tirade, that he was not leaving until her internet was working and she told him she was keeping him hostage," said Constable Jeff Carr. "She implied that she had a gun, although he didn't see one."

The technician claimed he could fix the problem, but needed to retrieve a disc from his van. When he got to the van he jumped in and drove off.

Sinclair denies the charges, and says she was shocked at her arrest by five officers. "I'm a Buddhist," she said. I'm a wimp. I'm a pacifist."

Sinclair has been charged and banned from speaking to Aliant or any of its employees.

I know how she feels, Styx.

Canadians? Aren't they just a weak mixture of Brits and yanks?


If anything, they're a mixture of the French and yanks.


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