Piggy 'Flu.

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Piggy 'Flu.

'This little piggy went to market and everyone buggered of toot sweet.'
Seriously why is it called Swine 'Flu?' Why is it not called Porcine 'flu?' We've had Bovine Spongiform Whatnottery, Ovine Bumrot why do pigs get called swine? Shall we start up a defence group for them?
Porcine Institute (for the) Senseless Sacrifice Of Farmers, or PISSOFF.
But is anyone on here going to start wearing masks or surgical gloves? Two people have been seen on the tube today wearing surgical gloves but they had been so panicked they'd put them over their heads and suffocated within seconds.
As an aside will people stop saying they've got the 'flu when all they have is the common cold. Influenza is incredibly serious and painful - and kills! I wonder with Piggy 'flu instead of coughing does one grunt?

Yes, one grunts and is overcome by a desire to forage for acorns. My grandmother died of flu but it was really the secondary emphesyma that made the flu lethal. Pandemics are interesting; Spanish flu and this new strain kill more people aged 20-40 as the strong immune response exacerbates respiratory problems. So why the guv'mint are saying only vulnerable (young, elderly, immuno-compromised people) are at risk of serious consequences is strange. Crash Gordon says we are the country best prepared for the pandemic. Mind you, he said we were best prepared for the recession when in fact everyone knows that out of all countries in the first world we are the most shafted. My theory is, if there is a pandemic, fatalities will not be much above ordinary seasonal flu but unlike human flu , the most fatalities will be amongst 20-40 year olds (probably smokers and asthmatics). jude
I don't worry about Miss Piggy. She will survive the flu. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7HYYKEbfLk


Got my leaflet through the letter box yesterday. As a person who values personal autonomy highly, I resent being told how to sneeze. I used to use tissues but have now forsaken them altogether. jude
Yeah, you show 'em Jude. Snog everyone that coughs and sneeze on children. Seriously, the use of tissues should be mandatory if you have 'flu or even a bad cold. Countless are the times that inconciderate, virus ridden, swine have sneezed their infection to me when they could have contained it within a piece of tissue. It's anti-social, it's irritating and eventually it will probably be deadly!
I think you meant "inkonsiderate".


Maybe oink'on'cider'ate, but yes, inconsiderate :)
I agree in principle, I have oft cursed the sneezing masses who regularly turn the 148 bus into a travelling sanatorium. But when told to turn left there is an odious rebellious streak that makes me turn right. jude
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