Stephen Baez and editing

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Stephen Baez and editing

Joan's son may have wriggled off the hook today. and all because Theresa May didn't understand about editing.

She posed 8-9 questions which enabled Stevie not to answer the difficult ones! (Mathew Paris wrote about this a couple of weeks ago)

If she'd edited it down, and 'killed her darlings', instead of stuffing everything in, she might have skewered him !

I thought of Andrew's words as I watched.

a lesson to us all.

andrew pack
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I would have just gone for, "Would the Minister like to explain the difference between lying on television and lying in the House of Commons ?" Long accepted that anyone who lies in Parliament has to resign (much like lawyers - although everyone thinks both lie all the time, lawyers would never, ever lie in court. Present the case in the best light, yes, that's what they're paid for, but never lie.) But in real terms, why is it worse to lie to 600 of your peers than to the whole country on tv ? And what is worse, be a BAD transport minister. So bad that Prescott suddenly looks better by comparison ?
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