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Hi I am steadily working through a novel Is anyone else doing the same who would like me to critique theres if they could do the same for me. Or just give some points of view on it.

Just now i am on a sticking point at tenses when writing and not sure if what i have written is working well.

Reece the central character in the story is looking back in one night in his life. The whole story revolves around this but i was thinking of changing to another plot and use all the chapters i have already written and work them through the new plot as a series of flash backs to help show what might have took his to the point where he now finds himself.

The new plot i was thinking of would be based in his present life as he tries to sort his head out while homeless and would be written in normal font while at times when he gets a bit down he flashes back, kind of creating two series main story line through out in the same story. But one could concentrate on characterization, setting ect

Would this work.

It could work - both have been done before - but the flashback format is difficult. It relies on excellent writing and very careful plotting to let slip the vital ingredients piece by piece. it would help if you put up a link to your work. Just copy the url from the top of the page in which your work appears into this one and it will automatically create a link.
Stephen, I used a flashback in my first book. I think the general rule for a flashback is to put it up front and keep it brief. During the course of writing, I discovered the truth of this (at least for me)...I kept going back to the flashback and trimming it. I'm still not happy with it and have considered rewriting the whole damn thing. Tony is right though, you have to drop little bits here and there at just the right time throughout the story. The problem with the flashback, as far as writing it...that I've seen is it sorta paints you into a corner. If you haven't worked out the entire detail of your plot in advance and analyzed it carefully, you may very well end up stuck in a direction you can't easily change. It's like putting the ending at the'll have to write your way there.... It's not a's a feature.

It's not a's a feature.

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