Have you ever been flabberghasted?

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Have you ever been flabberghasted?

I was stood at the boot of my car having tidied it. When a guy came up to me and asked if I had any tow-rope. He was what my Irish girl friend would have called a tinker, we would have called a gypsy but now call travellers. He said that he needed it to give his van a jump-start from another car. I said "no problem" and handed him the rope. He proceeded to whip out a long knife, sliced about 8 metres off the rope and handed it back to me. I just stood there thinking - did that just happen? There was no point in remonstrating with him and 2 other tinkers, tthe deed was already done. And he had a very long knife. Has anyone else had experiences that just take the breath away?

When I was a student working in a pub a huge guy came to the bar put his face about six inches away from mine and shouted at me "It's all your fault!" Maybe it was. To this day I don't know - I'd never seen him before in my life. I WAS speechless.
from today's news: "Hanson had been let out of jail only a few months earlier, having been released halfway through a 12-year sentence for attempted murder. An official risk assessment had calculated his chances of re-offending were 91 per cent" it's just.... I mean how can they.... why was he..... ... half way through... but he... 91%!!!!!!!..... ... flabberghasted!
These things happen to me all the time, I just stand there and think did he just do that. By the way tinkers and gypsies are different, tinkers are Irish travellers and Gypsies are Roma Gypsies. The Roma get very offended about this. Oh and the risk assessments carried out to measure an offenders chances are pants and badly need changing. Nearly everyone who undergoes them comes out extremely high so the officials take little notice of them. Sad but true. Harry Kerdean
is there an h in 'flabberg(h)asted' ?
Only if it is spelled incorrectly. About 25% of all London bus drivers seem to be certifiably insane. I have so many examples of their jaw-dropping antics it would take several threads to cover them all. Everytime I saw a news item about a bus driver being beaten senseless, it took very little imagination to figure out why. The only real question in my mind was how, given their behavior, any of them managed to live longer than a few weeks.
Sorry - I got aghast and flabbergasted slightly mixed up; but to be pulled up by the self-confessed high-priestess of bad spelling. Well my flabber is well and truly gasted.


I am always flabberg(h)asted by flashers. I was swimming in a cove in Thailand many years ago; I popped my head out of the water and there, standing behind some rocks which concealed him from the beach, was a man having a wank, in broad sunshine, seawater glistening on the speedo he had pulled down to his thighs. There was no way he didn't know I was there as I had climbed up on some (different) rocks a number of times previous to this incident. I mean, what's the draw?
I wasn't really 'pulling you up' Styx... I wanted confirmation as I was unsure myself. But please ...no malice intended believe me ...or okay I'll step ten it! I was wrong!!!! Sorry for flabbering your ghast! Just don't let the thread go down the catfight alley!
I don't think my ghast has ever been flabbered. However at Scouts (I was a leader) I was once brought to tears of laughter when we were distributing a birthday cake at the end of a camp. OWe have two young female leaders and one said to the other, as she held onto the other's cake, which was admittedly pink, "I've still got a hold of your pink bits". Cue every male over 18 to fall to ground in hysterics. Well it made me laugh.
Wos flabber when it's at home?


Flabber is what your lips do when you let go limp and get your index finger to flip them up and down. The sound they make is: wubba wubba wubba. Gast is what happens when you can't spell and you leave an unlit oven on. Hence: flabbergasted wubba wubba wubba.
I thought the 'gast' part was what happens after Christmas dinner's overdose on Brussels sprouts... the flabber part, thus, is self-explanatory...
It's been a long day. I've been micro-examining a legal contract that has now gone backwards and forwards three times. Ugh.
Mercury is retrograde, Tony; micro-examination of legal contracts passing to and fro is par for the course, I'm afraid. I always expect a) my computer to wig out on me, or b) several important invoices to go awol or c) something to go wrong with my car during retrograde periods...as it so happens, this time it was the car, which failed the MOT and needed an extra 300 quid's worth of work done. On a 1700 quid car... doesn't stop the micro-examinations from being a form of soul-death, however... I hope it passes muster (or mustard?) this time 'round!
Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained. from The Washington Post


Maybe it's related to 'flabber - gastric', in that case...
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