Billy connely / Pamela Stephenson

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Billy connely / Pamela Stephenson

I am trying to get in touch with these people to try and get them to support me in opening my self harm awareness project in Partick community center. Does anyone know how i can get in touch with them, especially Pamela Stephenson. Could someone, somewere direct them to todays abc post. Thanks.

Stephen. I'd have trouble directing a 747 at abctales. Let alone find any active users.
Ooh I'm not going to take that lying down JCB. No; actually I will. Stephen, try agents; trawl the internet. Go to your local paper they love local interest stories, you'll be on the front page. Try the local radio station, local TV station. I have experience in these things: not because of my musical past but because I'm a fat old repressed queen, who loves being on the front page. In all seriousness (which is unlike me) if you don't want your picture in the paper, they won't print it, and on radio they can call you by another name if you want anonymity; TV they can pixel you out. This is a serious national/international problem and I applaud your efforts. 'Way to go' as our American cousins might say. (What does that mean?)


With regards to tracing Billy Connoly and Pamela Stephens you'd be best doing as Sty already said and trawl the internet, I'd suggest just googling their names along with the word agent and something should come up. Good Luck nobody
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